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Welcome to the realization of Johan van der Beek.

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Welcome to the realization of Johan van der Beek. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the realization of Johan van der Beek. In this presentation we will treat these subjects: *The introduction *Time line *Work purchase *The individual preparation *The most important things which have to be done *The private purchases *In conclusion *Introduction:.

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Welcome to the realization of Johan van der Beek.

In this presentation we will treat these subjects:

*The introduction

*Time line

*Work purchase

*The individual preparation

*The most important things which have to be done

*The private purchases

*In conclusion



*The introduction

  • First of all I would like to explain that I don’t think no longer in terms of Time and Money enamour, because all Currencies and Calendars are unnatural! So, I would like to stay away (as much as possible) from those terms. This in order to be free to do what I should do and to go where I should be in this world. Some conditions are necessary to be able to do so, to be able to take care of my private and business, to start the real work at about the turn of the year, to the magical Mayan year of 2012. Johan van der Beek will then be able to present himself as the Feathered Snake. A start capital of about 3 million euro’s will be necessary to purchase and/or do the things written below. And put one half of what lasts of the money on a new Rabobank account and the other half on a new ABN AMRO account, of which the interest is put on my private ING account monthly, which will enable me to pay for my daily needs. Also, because I do not only want to be the Mayan Feathered Snake, but I should be able to live the product. Therefore I first have to get rid off my old skin, like real snakes do.
  • **With this presentation I would like to make this more clear considering necessary steps which has to be taken before the year 2012.
  • ***All preparations have to be ready before the time frame closes on 07/11/2011. Because at 08/11/2011 the Feathered Snake will be presented to the audience. After this there will come a period of 20 days of peace until 28/11/2011, when, on this date, The Claim and Presentation of The Mayan Prophecy Before and After 2012 will be presented to the media.

*Time line

  • If we plan things well and use this time correct we can highly benefit from this structure
  • and thus reach our goal. When time goes by…












*Professional Purchases

  • Things I Need To Do Before the date of 07/11/2011:
  • =New hardware and software for three machines, four fast Surfers. Ask Paskal (Microsoft employee)
  • what we need to be able to have a few Surfers on each continent.
  • =Hire a PHP Programmer, a Dutch specialist, a World Translator: Eight hours per day three
  • employees and five days per week, four times per month, during twelve months three employees.
  • So, an employee will have to be paid an average per day of: €40,- per hour x 8 = €320 per day.
  • X 5 days = €1600,- Per month = €6400,- Times 12 months = €76.800 per year per person.
  • Times 3 = €230.400.
  • =Private: hire a personal assistant (Shiva) and a superfood/-trainer coach (Perry Roosen).
  • =Living-working office on the water: from the price of €250.000 to €1.000.000 sailing living-work
  • office boat in the shape of a Motorsailer similar of the ecological ship ‘De Ecolution’,
  • designed by Wubbo Ockels: source:
  • =Mayan digital 13 month clock for the internet, see example:
  • =On loan two art pieces of Hein Mader
  • =Purchase of car: armoured Jeep Armored Mercedes G or ML class and/or Knigt XV Armored SUV
  • (€250.000 to €500.000).
  • =Buying out shareholder Guilano for €20.000 from the TUU.

=Johan van der Beek’s his empire is worth 100 million Euros; 50% is donated to all students of

  • the world. I will keep 25% stocks, so the other 25% might go to other shareholders.
  • =Purchasing the rights of the two The United Universe songs (€10.000).
  • =Brand registration of all pictures and company names (€4000,- per name per logo).
  • *Now we will continue with the individual preparation:
  • =Expand Media Group TUUnews; where internet, radio, television and mobile communication are combined as Media Centre The United Universe News.

=Hire the shop EnergieRegie at the overtoom 409 in Amsterdam as temporary work space, until a work boat has been purchased (€15.000). there is agood environment to work. Each table has access to internet, the atmosphere is good and there is a raw food restaurant in this shop.

  • =Purchase of domain names: Hunab Ku, Mayan, Time Guard, ZonneMaanjaar/Solar-Mooonyear and domain name (€100.000)
  • =20/05/2012 Pyramid light motor; this is a big project, which will take at least a 6 to 12 months.
  • =Addressing the World leaders, presidents, all emperors/empresses, Royal Families and the richest people on Earth for help, and to mark the Day Out of Time as official holiday. It might also be an option to introduce somebody to be protectivepatron/patroness of the Mayan Tun Uc SolarMoonyear
  • =Investigate the whole fault line with help of the Royal navy… on a… in order of a Hr.M. Seven Provinces F 802 Frigate in convoy, with a submarine and in front a twee other navy Frigate
  • and in the back a supply ship (but I will take my personal female raw food chef with me).
  • =Invite all ambassadors of the countries on the fault line for information and preparation befor
  • 08/11/2011.
  • =Accuse the Pope and have a worldwide company (spam) at about WYD 2011 August 15 until the 21st of 2011 (€250,- per hour costs solicitor) enter:
  • =Preparation 08/11/2011 – offer 13 times watches of the eternal calendar as an alternative
  • =Apply for patent for the invention of the new watch as alternative for the time worldwide (€80.000).
  • *Read more about this invention on the next slide>>>.

*New Watch Design:

  • The World market is standardized on the Gregorian time, which has nothing to do with constellations
  • and/or Horoscopes, but is all about Maid Control. They turned time into money, which is nonsense!
  • Tun Uc’s time vs. Gregorian time: it goes wrong with current time when for example two children are born at
  • the same moment, but both on the other side of the ocean. They will get different signs (with some exceptions).
  • Moreover, businesswise it is very complicated with the different months and leap-year/times.
  • There actually is just one day with one time (wherever you are in the world) and this is not a time which is
  • connected to the Sun, but to the Moon. This is why the Mayan Tun Uc SolarMoonyear can exist besides the
  • Gregorian economical calendars. One for economy and the other to get in contact again with the miracles of Nature
  • and the Cosmos! The main difference between the Gregorian time and the Mayan SolarMoonyear time is that
  • the stress and routine that the Gregorian calendar under current view causes for most of us,
  • we now have completely lost our way. Please believe when I tell you that your Body and Mind work better with
  • the Cosmos as Mayan time standard, in other words the Tun Uc SolarMoonyear. Because as air is the atmosphere
  • of the body, is the Moon the atmosphere for feeling and time the atmosphere for the mind.
  • The one who owns your time, is the ruler of your life and mind. Therefore take back control of your own time
  • and you will get to know yourself again. At least as convenient is that the Mayan Tun Uc SolarMoonyear
  • is separate from any religious or spiritual system. So, no ideologies and no separation anymore, simply one time,
  • for all peoples on one planet, because the new time of the Mayan Tun Uc SolarMoonyear is for every moment
  • in daily life. Besides, in the new Mayan philosophy we don’t need a teacher, so also no student, no leader,
  • neither a guru: your only Leader is You, You are All!
  • The importance of this natural Mayan Tun Uc time watch is that we will synchronise again with everybody
  • on Planet Earth, everybody who wears the watch. But even more important is that we will also
  • synchronise with our galaxy, Milky Way and Hunab K’u enter Mayan - 2012 Shift
  • =Everyone who does not connects with the Tun Uc Solar-Moon-Year remains part of the problem,
  • instead we must be part of the solution!
  • And to understand that, we should return to the ancient natural Mayan time.
  • This is why one Time is so important: the Time of the ancient Mayan and their Tun Uc SolarMoonyear worldwide!

=28/11/2011 claim and globe doctor registration + before and after 2012 prophecy reveal to the public(€3000.

=The transit of Venus June 6/2012.

=Een feest die van de dag buiten de tijd viering 25 juli 2011 (25914).

De volgende daarna is op 25 juli 2012 en de laatste van de cyclus 25915 (wauw!). Want op datum 25 juli 2013 begint de New Age teling met het jaar nul.


*The most important things which have to be done:

  • =Quit GSD maintenance and branches, at the OM, KMar and medically at both general practitioner
  • as pharmacy.
  • =Tax exemption for life time.
  • =Diplomatic Passport with new identity under the name of Mayan Kukukan with platinum visa
  • credit card and fire weapon license for a Beretta 92f black and on for above the ankle a
  • Smith & Wesson 38 Special Bodyguard Airweight.
  • =After permission and help etc. let the whole accusation KMar and the asbestos man be removed
  • from the internet, in order to be able to continue our work without making it public yet.
  • =Gaja Beukers coach my father and Robert Jan to help him quit smoking.
  • *Private purchases:
  • =Ransom alimony by paying the complete rent of the parental house forever.
  • Even better would it be to pay €250.000 and buy the house where my children are born and
  • still live. I would make my children owners of this house and my alimentation obligation
  • will end then. Besides, I do have a place to live, because I would live on the top floor,
  • when I wish to see my sweet children.
  • =Private update of Johan van der Beek’s belongings, among which clothes,
  • shoes and other things (€10.000).
  • =Mayan Cristal skull (€2250,-) –I would really like to have this:
  • =Antique double Snake knife (€4200,-)

=Standing clock with globe etc. (€125.000)

=Buying the house in Sijpestein, which gives me the opportunity to be registered in a Dutch

municipality and to have a work- and post address (€75.000).

=Make the garage opposite of my house part of my space (€25.000).

=Repair motor and/or buy a new Piaggio vespa GTS 300 Super (5000) or maybe an

BMW R 1200 GS Triple Black (€20.000).

=2x the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAy,an Apple Ipad for the birthday of Isaya and Justin (€2500,)

=New propeller Yamaha outboard and a great Servicing treat (€500,-).

=Shutters in front of and in the back of my home.

=Special glasses with photo chromic glasses and nice design.


*To conclude:

  • =If all former stated things are realised, Johan van der Beek will have peace of mind to focus
  • for the 100% on his Mayan Feathered Snake work.
  • Hunab K’u, the spirit behind the thought,
  • ceo Johan van der Beek The United Universe
  • e-mail:
  • address: Sijpestein 138. 1083 XL – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • phone: +31 (0) 6 15 87 18 94.