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Compare and Contrast. Compare and contrast. Finding similarities and differences. Why?. Deepens understanding of: Character Setting Plot Theme Genre Connects thinking Within texts Between texts. The dentist. ways to Compare/Contrast. Themes Plot Setting Characters

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Compare and contrast1
Compare and contrast

  • Finding similarities and differences

Compare and contrast

  • Deepens understanding of:

    • Character

    • Setting

    • Plot

    • Theme

    • Genre

  • Connects thinking

    • Within texts

    • Between texts

Ways to compare contrast
ways toCompare/Contrast

  • Themes

  • Plot

  • Setting

  • Characters

  • Books from a series

  • Stories from same genre

  • Versions of same story: Cinderella, 3 Pigs, cultures

  • With all genres: myths, poetry, traditional lit. non-fiction

Words that support
Words that support…

  • Comparison

  • Alike

  • Also

  • As

  • As well as

  • Both

  • Either

  • In the same manner

  • Similarly

  • Likewise

  • Too

  • Same

  • Contrasting

  • Although

  • As opposed to

  • But

  • Differ

  • Even though

  • However

  • Whereas

  • On the other hand

  • Unlike

  • On the contrary

  • Unless

Isd reading scope sequence
ISD ReadingScope & Sequence

The power of symbols graphic organizers
The Power of Symbols & Graphic Organizers

  • The use of graphic organizers and symbolic representation of similarities and differences enhances students’ understanding of content.

    Chen 1999; Coel & McLeod,1999 etc.

    From: Classroom Instruction That Works

Compare contrast within the text
Compare/contrast within the text




Lives up in the rafters




Lives on the ground

Not so smart



Kind to others

Across text
Across Text



  • Animal

  • Talks

  • Life at stake

  • Relies on others

  • Overwhelmed

  • Gains support from people and animals

  • Successful outcome

  • Animal

  • Can’t trumpet

  • Needs voice to find mate

  • Seeks help

  • Leaves home

  • Learns to read,write,play trumpet

  • Solves own problem

  • Successful outcome

Compare and contrast


The Slug

The slug, Slides sly by night,

To nibble the new

Green shoot,

To riddle the weak

White root –

Silent, Calm,

Sweet little slug,

Who smiles on his scenes

of crime,

And leaves a trail

Of slime.


Slugs are a common garden pest in Washington and many other states. Slugs slither along the ground at night to eat plants, flowers and roots. Slugs like damp places and feed at night. Most gardeners look for ways to keep slugs out of their gardens. One way is to use plants that slugs hate such as garlic, mint and cabbage. Some people use salt and traps to get rid of the pests! Predators of slugs include frogs and birds.

Msp applications
MSP Applications

  • According to the selection, what is the difference between where a flamingo eats and where a flamingo bathes?

    O A. It eats in salt water; it bathes in fresh water.

    O B. It eats in cold water; it bathes in warm water.

    O C. It eats in calm water; it bathes in rough water.

Msp applications1
MSP applications

  • What are two differences between what wild hamsters do when the weather turns cold and what wild hamsters do in warm weather?

    Include information from the selection in your answer.


Compare and contrast

Based on information from the selection, which sentence tells how the invention of earmuffs is different from the invention of color television?

O A. Chester Greenwood invented earmuffs when he was an

adult; the color television was invented by a teenager.

O B. The earmuffs were a new item; the color television was

an improvement on something that already existed.

O C. Earmuffs were invented to make money; the color

television was invented to solve a problem.

Model model model
Model, model, model… tells

  • “Whatever we want our students to do well, we first have to show them how. Of all the changes I have made in my teaching, adding explicit demonstration to everything I teach has been the single most important factor in increasing students' literacy.”

  • Conversations, RegieRoutman