safety from board room to site and back l.
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Safety - from Board Room to Site and Back PowerPoint Presentation
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Safety - from Board Room to Site and Back

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Safety - from Board Room to Site and Back - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Safety - from Board Room to Site and Back. Triennial Conference CIB W099 Implementation of Safety and Health on Construction Sites Presented by Derek Smyth. 9 May 2002. S afety is a. K EY strategic business issue. Brand Values How our brand values deliver the ultimate goal.

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safety from board room to site and back

Safety - from Board Room to Site and Back

Triennial ConferenceCIB W099 Implementation of Safety and Health on Construction Sites

Presented by Derek Smyth

©2002 Gammon Skanska Limited. All Rights Reserved

9 May 2002

s afety is a
Safetyis a

KEY strategic business issue


Brand ValuesHow our brand values deliver the ultimate goal

  • Customer-centric
  • consensus builders
  • responsive
  • trustworthy
  • Resource-rich
  • design, build, plant
  • Asian experts
  • Skanska
  • Quality
  • product
  • service
  • social responsibility
  • Risk-managers
  • environmentally committed
  • safety compliant
  • forward thinking
  • respectful, team players
  • Innovative
  • learning organisation
  • technology enabled
why is safety such a significant business issue
Why is Safety such a significant business issue?
  • The human factor remains paramount and is a focus of our social responsibility
  • Direct and indirect “Cost” of accidents can be crippling to the business
  • Safety issues facing the construction industry
  • Board room - measure, monitor, manage
  • Gammon Skanska experience
  • Results achieved
  • Future plans
safety global work related deaths
SafetyGlobal Work-related Deaths

One million

deaths / year

3,000 /day

2 / minute

safety hong kong construction industry
SafetyHong Kong Construction Industry

29 deathsin 2000

1 death every 10 working days

cost of accidents
Cost of Accidents


  • Medical costs
  • Compensation
  • Sick Leave
  • Damage to plant and equipment
  • Clean up and repair costs
  • wastage/repairs
  • suspension or removal from lists


  • legal costs
  • increases in future insurance premiums
  • suspension of work
  • cost of senior management investigation
  • loss of image and reputation
  • loss of morale and productivity
in the board room
In the Board Room
  • Leadership and commitment- we must “Walk the Talk” on safety
  • Put safety NUMBER 1 on the Agenda
  • Measure, monitor and manage
balanced scorecard
Balanced Scorecard

Customers and Markets




Internal Business Process

People & Future Growth

  • Zero fatalities
  • Further improve safety incidence rate
  • Reduction in Safety Regulation Breaches
  • Reduction in Environmental Regulation Breaches



gammon skanska managing safety

Integrated Management System



Production & Supply Services


Civil Engineering

New Businesses

Human Resources


Corporate Marketing & Communication

Group Solicitor & Company Secretary

PFI / PPP / Modular Construction

Plant & Equipment

Fabrication Management


Ready Mix Concrete

Underground Engineering

Safety, Environment, Quality & Design

Interior Businesses

Gammon Skanska - Managing Safety

Gammon Skanska Asia Board

Gammon Skanska Asia Executive Committee

Safety & Environment Action Committee

Hong Kong Sector

Group Services Sector

International and New Business Sector


Building Engineering

SE Asia

Foundations Engineering


Underground & Specialist Construction



safety environment action committee seac
Safety & Environment Action Committee (SEAC)


  • Director (HS&E) - Chairman
  • Representatives from the Senior Management of Operatioins
  • Representative from the Group Quality Department
  • Group HS&E Manager
  • Chief HS&E Engineer
  • Project HS&E Manager


  • Meet monthly
  • Set policy
  • Address key areas
  • Report to Executives
eight primary targets
Eight Primary Targets
  • No fatal accident
  • Continuous improvement in Accident incident Rate (IR).
  • Continuous reduction in breach of Statutory Safety Requirements (including Part I Non-compliance listed on Labour Department Inspection Reports)
  • Continuous reduction in Environmental Protection Department Offences
eight primary targets17
Eight Primary Targets
  • Continuous reduction in legislative offences covering Food & Hygiene, Fire Services and Police/Traffic Offences
  • An elimination of dangerous occurrences (as defined in First Schedule of the F&IU Regulations).
  • An elimination of Utility Damage.
  • No Labour Department Suspension notices.
staff bonus scheme
Staff Bonus Scheme
  • Eligible Staff
    • On the basis of a team approach and that all site staff must play a role in Safety and Environment all those site staff below Construction Manager are eligible.
  • Bonus
    • The amount of HK$1,500 for a consecutive 3 month period, ie effectively HK$500/month if all award criteria are achieved for a 3 month period.
  • Daily paid worker
    • All daily paid received HK$1,500 safety bonus for a consecutive 6 months accident free period.
gammon skanska experiences the right start
Gammon Skanska Experiences The right start!
  • Develop close working partnerships (Client, Consultants, Sub-contractors, EPD)
  • Promote open dialogue
  • Agree on overall objectives and safety requirements at the outset
      • Maximising the amount of prefab and dry fix systems
      • Safety education
      • Minimising multi-tiered sub-sub-contracting
      • Shared safety objectives with subcontractors

Safety Measures carried out at Chater House

Increased cost of safety measures HK$6M

  • Operates a “Safety Working Cycle System” with daily safety meetings
  • Must be stimulating
  • Must involve all site staff
  • Gammon Skanska approved training provider
  • Develop practical solutions
  • Use proprietary self-climbing perimeter safety screens to increase protection at the high-level working floors
  • Use proprietary material handling platforms with extension facility for deliveries to and from typical floors
  • Use of safety barriers throughout high-level work-place
  • Make available toilet facility and fire hose reels on every floor
accident incident results 2001 2
Accident / Incident Results 2001/2
  • Improvement in IR and all 8 primary target areas


  • Improvement becoming more difficult to make - need to work smarter and harder
  • Need tighter regional controls
in the pipeline
In the pipeline
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Innovative building
  • Worker Injury Risk Management
  • Health issues
  • Training Schools
safety management systems and iso 18001
Safety Management Systemsand ISO 18001
  • Integrated or not integrated
  • 18001, 14001 and ISO 9001:2000- how to make user (site) friendly
  • Argument to make Quality the umbrella?

- many of these are company policy decisions with important operational impacts


Innovative Building Techniques

  • Better quality of life for all
  • Driven by social responsibility



Modular Construction

  • much safer construction techniques
  • up to 75% less construction waste
  • up to 40% less vehicular traffic
  • up to 60% less noise and dust
  • high quality apartments
  • faster construction times by up to 15%
post injury risk management impact of poor injury management
Post Injury Risk ManagementImpact of Poor Injury Management

Cost Aspect


HK$40 million to $110 million

or no insurance!

Or very high excess.

Human Aspect

Isolation and anxiety

- not contact

Low self esteem

Physical de-conditioning



Ownership of injury management now with the Company

gammon skanska doctors
Gammon Skanska Doctors
  • Familiar with Gammon Skanska
  • Immediate treatment where appropriate
  • Follow up with hospital Dr if hospitalisation occurs
  • Assist in RTW programmes
  • Medical review
  • Medical advice
the process is never ending
The Process is never ending
  • The Board Room must recognize both the human and business issues
  • The Board Room must set in place systems to measure, monitor and manage
  • All employees must “Walk the Talk”
  • Sites and management must review and continuously improvement through innovation at all levels of the business.
  • Board Room to then monitor review and react.