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The NGP and Local Government

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The NGP and Local Government - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The NGP and Local Government. Economic Planning and Coordination 27 May 2011. Outline. EDD’s role National Challenges Key features of the New Growth Path Proposed framework for alignment Local strategies to create jobs Conclusion. EDD’s role.

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the ngp and local government

The NGP and Local Government

Economic Planning and Coordination

27 May 2011


EDD’s role

National Challenges

Key features of the New Growth Path

Proposed framework for alignment

Local strategies to create jobs


edd s role
EDD’s role
  • Address macro and micro-economic development planning
  • Cross-cutting focus-National Depts., Provinces and Local Government
  • Economic development planning
  • Work with other departments and spheres of government to promote –coordination
  • Ensure job creation at the centre of economic policies- for better employment outcomes
national challenges
National challenges:
  • Economic growth since 1994 has equalled the average for middle-income countries
  • Emissions intensity is very high, mostly due smelting and refining of mining products
  • BUT
    • SA remains one of the most inequitable countries in the world
    • Unemployment is far higher than the norm
    • Deep historical inequalities in asset ownership and access to education
jobs priority
Jobs- priority
  • RDP- Creation of decent work and economic security
  • Gear- targeted new jobs per annum-104 000 average
  • ASGISA- halve unemployment rate by 2014
the new growth path
The New Growth Path

Brings focus on employment creation and seeks to achieve 5 million new jobs in the next decade-2020

Identifies areas of job drivers- key sector

Complements the Industrial Policy Action Plan 2

Deal with cross-cutting issues

Proposes macro and micro economic policy interventions to support more equitable and employment-intensive growth

Emphasizes the importance of social dialogue

jobs drivers
Jobs drivers

Main economic sectors:

Agriculture & agroprocessing

Mining and beneficiation

Manufacturing (IPAP2)

Tourism/other services


Energy, transport, communications, water,


Look for employment opportunities in “jobs drivers” and implement policies to take advantage of them

Spatial opportunities:

Rural development

African regional development

New economies:

Green economy

Knowledge economy

Social capital:

The social economy

The public sector


concluding remarks
Concluding remarks
  • The NGP seeks to mobilise the country around one vision- job creation
  • Private sector, local communities, SMMEs, NGOs critical in achieving the objectives
  • Efficient governance and administration at local government level is fundamental
  • Implementation will have challenges, but we should not despair
  • Local Government is a key partner in the implementation of the NGP to achieve in creating and saving jobs