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STINGRAYS. By Rachel White 7 th Period. Introduction. Mentor: David Houghton, Curator of Animals Site: Landry’s Aquarium at Kemah Boardwalk Project Topic: Stingrays in Captivity vs. Stingrays in the Wild Final Product/Tangible Item: Model of a Stingray Habitat and Model of a Stingray.

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By Rachel White

7th Period


  • Mentor: David Houghton, Curator of Animals

  • Site: Landry’s Aquarium at Kemah Boardwalk

  • Project Topic: Stingrays in Captivity vs. Stingrays in the Wild

  • Final Product/Tangible Item: Model of a Stingray Habitat and Model of a Stingray

How i chose my mentor
How I Chose My Mentor

  • Over the summer, I went to a dolphin research center and I was interested in how it was run and how they took care of the dolphins

  • My neighbor is the head Marine Biologist for all of Landry’s

  • Over the break, I asked him if he could get me in touch with someone that could be my mentor

  • He got me in touch with my mentor

About the aquarium
About the Aquarium

  • Their main attraction is the Stingray Reef, which allows guests to touch and feed the stingrays

  • First floor: cylinder tanks, S tanks, herps (reptiles), tower tank

  • Second floor: tower tank, dining room tank, J room

  • Third floor: tower tank, quarantine

  • There are also animals that aren’t on display, which are usually new or used for education


From the Cichlid family

Originate from Africa

Freshwater fish

Hump becomes more pronounced as they get older

Hump present in both sexes

Can be found in one of the S tanks

Yellow discus
Yellow Discus

Freshwater fish

Very flat and very thin – about the size of your palm

Slightly territorial when breeding

Originate from South America

Can be found in the quarantine tanks on the third floor

Achilles tang
Achilles Tang

Saltwater fish

Tangs are also known as Surgeonfish

Aggressive toward other Tangs and Surgeonfish but calm around other fish

Dorsal fin has a hard bone that is used in self-defense

Can be found in the Tower Tank and the Dining Tank


Freshwater fish

Originate from South America

Very aggressive; however, they rarely attack humans

Very sharp teeth

Can be found in cylinder tank by the restrooms next to the Stingray Reef

Freshwater stingray
Freshwater Stingray

Freshwater fish

Originate from South America

Both freshwater and marine rays have two stingers; the new one grows in and the old one falls off

Breed aggressively

Freshwater rays are found in one of the S tanks

Behind the scenes
Behind the Scenes

  • Lab: their office, keeps all the equipment (necropsy tools, pH tester, microscope, etc.)

  • Dive Locker: wetsuits, oxygen tanks, masks

  • Food Prep: refrigerators, food, feeding schedule for all of the tanks and animals

  • Filter Room on First Floor: pipes, filters, a quarantine tank, the education animals

  • Filter Room on Third Floor: pipes, filters, several quarantine tanks

What i ve done with my mentor
What I’ve Done With My Mentor

  • Toured entire Aquarium

  • Fed stingrays

  • Watched a necropsy on a red snapper

  • Learned about zoonosis and hybrid vigor

  • Observed a dive safety drill

  • Watched the feedings

  • Watched a water change

  • Observed the morning and afternoon checks

New diving mask
New Diving Mask

Full face shield

Mouthpiece that connects to oxygen tank

Wireless microphone for diver to contact people above the surface of the water


Used to treat fish in quarantine

Rather than treat the fish individually, they treat the entire tank. This is also true in display tanks that have a bacterial infection.

Necropsy kit
Necropsy Kit

Contains scalpels and other surgical equipment

Used when performing a necropsy

May not be used with larger fish, as they require larger knives (usually taken from food prep)

Thank you
Thank You!

  • David Houghton, for being my mentor and teaching me so much about stingrays and marine biology

  • Jim Prappas, for helping me find my mentor

  • Mrs. Click, for giving me the opportunity to learn more about marine biology and stingrays

  • My family, for always being supportive

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