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OPEN HOUSE Tuesday, August 30, 2016 5:00 P.M. & 7:00 P.M.

Georgetown Middle School “A Superior School” Michael Williams, Principal David Hudson, Assistant Principal. OPEN HOUSE Tuesday, August 30, 2016 5:00 P.M. & 7:00 P.M. GMS – School Day. Students who eat breakfast may enter the building at 7:25am

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OPEN HOUSE Tuesday, August 30, 2016 5:00 P.M. & 7:00 P.M.

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  1. Georgetown Middle School“A Superior School”Michael Williams, PrincipalDavid Hudson, Assistant Principal OPEN HOUSE Tuesday, August 30, 2016 5:00 P.M. & 7:00 P.M.

  2. GMS – School Day • Students who eat breakfast may enter the building at 7:25am • Students not eating breakfast may enter at 7:40am • School Day – 7:40am -2:45pm • Students will be marked tardy after 7:50am • Student Drop Off – Main Auditorium Lobby • Parents/Guardians, please use the front entrance off W. Market St. when retrieving your student during the school day.

  3. Title 1 School • Georgetown Middle School teachers and staff are committed to providing a quality educational program that challenges all children to reach their potential. We believe that educators and parents must work together for children to succeed in school and throughout life. Neither home nor school can do the job alone. As our vision and mission statement proclaim, we will work to encourage diverse learners through collaboration with students, parents, faculty and community to promote student learning. • Parents play an extremely important role as their children’s first teachers. Their support for their children and for the school is critical to their children’s success at every step along the way. • To ensure that basic skills and knowledge are taught, we will hold educators accountable for effective teaching, hold students accountable for learning, and encourage parental involvement in their children’s education. We will continually assess student growth in order to provide timely interventions and to evaluate our instruction. Additionally, Georgetown Middle teachers and staff will work collaboratively with parents and our community in the development, evaluation, and refinement of our Title I program.

  4. Progress Reports / Report Cards • Progress Reports will now be issued electronically every three weeks. • Report Cards will now be issued electronically to all students through Home Access Center. (If you do not have a Home Access account please complete the Home Access request form in the students agenda and submit to the main office.) • The first Parent Teacher Conference is 5:30-8:00 p.m. on October 6, 2016.

  5. Important Information • District Calendar and Handbook • School Lunch Form • Pay Pamswww.k12paymentcenter.com • Emergency Pink Cards • Knightly Newsletter • Home Access Center • Athletics www.georgetownmiddlesports.com • GMS Website www.gm.irsd.k12.de.us

  6. Other Information • Alert Now System will make phone calls and send emails to parents/guardians when appropriate. Please make sure to keep your information UP TO DATE! • Student Agenda books are given to students on the first day of school. If lost, the cost is $7. • Students must have parent supervision when attending after school sporting events.

  7. School Nurse – Mrs. Hudson • Please contact Mrs. Hudson ASAP if: 1) your child will be taking medication at school on a regular basis; 2) your child requires an epi-pen for allergies; 3) your child has medical concerns you would like us to be aware of • All medications must be sent in the original container.  Please send in a signed parent/guardian note with instructions on administering the medication • If your child has asthma, please send in an inhaler to keep in the Nurse's Office • Please send in the Emergency Treatment Card with your child on Wednesday morning

  8. Attendance Policy • Parents must send in a written excuse for all student absences (either a parent note or documented note). • Students who accumulate 16 unexcused absences or the equivalent during a full school year may be retained in their grade level for the next school year. • Documented notes are defined as notes presented to the school from professional services: • i.e. Doctor, Dentist, Mental Health Agencies, Courts, Lawyers, etc. Absences from school supported by a documented note are defined as EXCUSED ABSENCES All absences other than documented absences are considered to be unexcused • 3 unexcused tardies or 3 unexcused early dismissals will equal 1 unexcused absence • Students who accumulate more than 3 unexcused tardies in a month, will receive disciplinary consequences. For more information refer to page 24 & 26 in the district calendar

  9. Attendance Policy • 3 unexcused tardies or 3 unexcused early dismissals will equal 1 unexcused absence • Students who accumulate more than 3 unexcused tardies in a month, will receive disciplinary consequences. • Students going a trip/vacation during the school year must complete a vacation request form. Once approved those day will be marked excused. For more information refer to page 24 & 26 in the district calendar

  10. SBAC- Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium • Students will be tested 1 time during the school year. ( approx. in March-April) • On-line testing system • Feedback given by June and used for next year • Information sheet will be going home • For more information please visit the SBAC website at www.smarterbalanced.org

  11. Instructional Focus • Learn It • Set a purpose for learning (E.Q.) • Access prior knowledge • Review/build vocabulary • Know It • Ask good questions • Make connections • Apply what I have learned • Prove It • Summarize • Goal: Students will increase achievement in reading and math. Goal: Students will increase achievement in all subject areas.

  12. Positive Behavior Support • Get READY. • Model RESPONSIBILITY. • Show RESPECT • Goal: Georgetown Middle School will maintain a safe and orderly place to learn.

  13. Student Handbook • Read over the code of conduct and student handbook in your agenda. • You and your parent must sign the contract (front and back) and turn in to your Homeroom Teacher. • Social studies teachers will review the code of conduct in class.

  14. Arrestable and Expellable Offenses • Gang-like behavior • Assault, harassment, or extortion against another student • Sexual Harassment • Assault, extortion, or terroristic threatening against an employee • Possession of a dangerous instrument or weapon or look alike • Possession of an unlawful controlled substance • Stealing • For more information refer to page 26 in the district calendar

  15. Student Dress Code Policy 2016-2017 School Year Indian River School District

  16. IRSD Dress Code • Clothing and accessories worn by students are expected to respect the value of our schools and district as a student-centered community. Therefore, IRSD students are not permitted to wear clothing that is transparent, exposes the midriff/naval area, cleavage or posterior regions. • Students shall be required to follow dress standards to prevent hazards or dangers in areas such as recess, shop, labs and/or physical education class. • Shirts, tops, blouses, and dresses must either have sleeves or must cover the area from neckline to shoulder. • The length of the skirts, skorts, culottes, jumpers, shorts and dresses must be worn at or below the mid-thigh area while the student is standing. • Clothing shall have no holes that expose skin above the kneecap.

  17. IRSD Dress Code (cont’d) • No headgear may be worn in the building. This includes, but not limited to, hats, hoods and/or other types of head coverings. • Clothing with printing across the buttocks area shall be prohibited. • Leggings/tights, form fitting stretch pants, or yoga pants worn as pants , must be worn with a dress or, other garment covering the area to the mid-thigh region. • Wearing apparel, footwear, or other accoutrements usually associated with a person’s dress must not be obscene, vulgar, nor ethnically, culturally, or sexually offensive. Sacrilegious prints, gang-related identification, apparel, or paraphernalia, suggestions of violence, drug or alcohol use, illegal activities and/or graffiti may not be worn or displayed. • Clothing designed to be worn as undergarments may not be visible. • Pants must be affixed at the appropriate waistline. Pants worn below the waist to the extent that the undergarment and/or skin is or could be exposed are not permitted in school.

  18. Enforcement … • If a student is violation of the dress code, the student’s parent/guardian will be asked to bring the appropriate clothing to the student at school. • Students with multiple violations of dress code may be subject to suspension under district Student Discipline policy • The school and district reserve the right to modify policy as necessary and determine what is disruptive and unsafe • Exceptions may be granted upon presentation of approved documentation stating bona fide reason

  19. Student Cell Phone Use Policy 2016-2017 School Year Indian River School District

  20. Middle and High Schools • Phones must be powered off and either placed in the student’s locker prior to attending homeroom in the morning, or left in the student’s vehicle prior to entering the building • Phones may not be retrieved until the end of the school day • Students found in possession of a cell phone during the school day will be in violation of policy • Phones must be surrendered by students on demand to school personnel

  21. Use of Cell Phones on Buses • Use of cell phones on school buses is prohibited … • during rides to and from school • during school-sponsored activities

  22. Consequences … • First Offense • Phone held on office • Parent conference • Second Offense • Detention • Parent conference • Third Offense • In-School Suspension • Parent conference • Fourth Offense • Out of School Suspension • Parent conference

  23. SPORTS Fall Sports • Football • Boys Soccer • Volleyball • Field Hockey If attending Football Games, please have parent supervision. Winter Sports • Boys Basketball • Girls Basketball • Wrestling

  24. SPORTS Spring Sports • Baseball • Softball • Girls Soccer • Track and Field Any student participating in school sports must have a completed physical form on file with the school nurse.

  25. Office Staff • Mrs. Calvert, Main Office Secretary • Mrs. Steen, Guidance Secretary • Mrs. Robinson, Financial Secretary

  26. School Climate • School Resource Officer: Joey Melvin (Georgetown Police Dept.) • Student Advisor – Mr. Bivens • ISS Monitor – Mr. Albert • School Safety Monitor - Mr. Murray

  27. Support Staff • Reading Teacher – Mrs. Curatola • RTI Coordinator – Mrs. Martiner • Special Education Coordinator – Mrs. Lekites • ELL Coordinator – Ms. Araya • Counselor – Mrs. Crooks (Last Names A-L) • Counselor – Ms. Keffer (Last Names M-Z) • Behavior Health Consultant – Mrs. Lewis • Nurse – Mrs. Hudson

  28. Exploratories • Physical Education – Mr. Donnelly & Ms. Lewis • Health – Mr. Shockro • Computer – Mrs. May • Digital Design – Mr. McGuire • Band / Chorus – Ms. Day • Art – Mr. Pulver • AVID – Mr. Williams and Mr. Ruark

  29. Teacher Ms. Araya Mrs. Paulsen Paraprofessional Ms. Lopez Ms. Jaurez English Language Learners

  30. 6th GRADE Wolverines Wildcats ELA: Mrs. Kaminski Math: Mr. Heald Science: Mrs. Palmer Social Studies: Mrs. Rust ELA: Ms. Crutsinger Math: Mrs. Coty Science: Mr. Cash Social Studies: Mr. Murphy Special Education Teachers: Mr. Matalavage (Math) and Mrs. Syphard(ELA) Ms. Pollard (ILC) and Ms. Donoway (ILC) Ms. Knight (Para) and Mrs. Steele(Para)

  31. 7th GRADE Terps Cavaliers ELA: Mrs. Erskine Math: Ms. Roberts Science: Mrs. Brock Social Studies: Mrs. Wilson ELA: Mrs. Gray Math: Mrs. Bull Science: Mrs. Messick Social Studies: Mr. Hitchens Special Education Teachers: Ms. Davey (Math) and Ms. Pavlik (ELA) Mrs. Bower (ILC) and Mrs. Fodi (Para)

  32. 8th GRADE Hornets Blue Hens ELA: Mrs. Hewitt Math: Mr. Radish Science: Mrs. Lowe Social Studies: Mrs. Blackwell ELA: Mrs. Taylor Math: Mrs. Pendleton Science: Mr. VanNorman Social Studies: Mr. Hogans Special Education Teachers: Mr. Blades (Math) and Mr. Dickerson (ELA) Mr. Schwendtner (ILC) and Mrs. Wilson (Para)

  33. GEORGETOWN MIDDLE SCHOOL Get Ready, Model Responsibility, and Show Respect “ALL DAY… EVERY DAY!”

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