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bodies of waters by alana faranda n.
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Bodies of waters By Alana Faranda PowerPoint Presentation
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Bodies of waters By Alana Faranda

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Bodies of waters By Alana Faranda
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Bodies of waters By Alana Faranda

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  1. Bodies of waters By Alana Faranda is any significant accumulation of water, usually covering the Earth or another planet. The term body of water most often refers to large accumulations of water, such as oceans, seas, and lakes, but it may also include smaller pools of water such as ponds, puddles or wetlands. Rivers, streams, canals, and other geographical features where water moves from one place to another are not always considered bodies of water, but there is no other term in English comprising "stationary" bodies of water as well as rivers and canals etc., and such moving bodies of water are included in this article.

  2. Climate How hot or how cold it is in the outdoors or the temperature.

  3. Constitution The constitution is the a day when the president signs a piece of paper with laws. By: Sohan Sahu

  4. Document Anywrittenitem,asa book, article, orletter,esp.ofafactual orinformativenature

  5. Environment Environment is the surroundings including conditions, people around you or any living organism.

  6. ExpansionBy: Cassidy McColl An increase in economic and industrial companies or the process of expanding

  7. Fact something that actually true

  8. frontierby maddy hillard • The land or territory than forms the furthest extent of a country's settled or inhabited regions. • A synonym for frontier is open land. No one ones this land.

  9. General Assembly A congress meeting or a world wide meeting.

  10. Interval An intervening period of time sometimes on a timeline [Ex: an interval of 50 years] By: Max Wang

  11. Judicial Branch Where the executive and Legislative branches are elected by the people, members of the Judicial Branch are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate

  12. LANDFORMS BY:NATHAN One of the features that make up the earths surfaces, such as, plain, mountain, or valley.

  13. Legislative BranchBy Lilly Saunders The Branch of the federal and state government empowered to make the laws that are enforced by the Executive Branch and interpreted by the Judicial Branch. The Legislative Branch consists of congress and the 50 state Legislatures.

  14. Ohio Supreme Court by Ryan Baldwin It’s a place where you go if you get in big trouble and they talk to you and say why did you do that and you could get sent to jail if they say your guilty. Also the most biggest court.

  15. Opinion When a girl or boy desides there disegen in a different way. Ex.maddy and me were tring to desside wat kind of icecraem we like Maddy chose stawberry and I chose vanella that is an opinion!

  16. Physical Features Physical features are like mountains, Bodies of water, plains, plateaus, and mesas. They are the different types of landforms on earth they are all different shapes and sizes, they make parts of the earth unique. They are usually formed by erosion. Weather can change the shape of the physical feature. There are always going to be physical features on earth until it blows up. Physical features are also made by glaciers they make plains. Once there was a big Glacier that roamed across Ohio it only roamed across the western part of Ohio that is why it is flat and the other side is filled with hills and plateaus. Those are physical features.

  17. Productive Resources The capital resources (the supplies), The human resources (the people) and the natural resources (the trees, water, sunlight,etc.)

  18. Settlement By: Emily Settlementisthe actorstateofsettlingorthestateof being settled.

  19. NORTHWEST ORDINANCE 1787 Land agreement of 1787 that created the Northwest Territory, enabling the United States to expand into the Great Lakes area. States created from the Northwest Territory included Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

  20. Vegetation By Justin Prindle The plant life in a certain area. Ex. The vegetation in the Amazon rain forest is lush.

  21. Climate How hot or how cold it is in the outdoors or the temperature.

  22. Executive Branch By:Mona Khalafi Thebranchoffederalandstategovernmentthatisbroadlyresponsibleforimplementing,supporting, and enforcing thelaws.

  23. Primary Source Primary source is a writing that is written at there time.

  24. TERRITORY Territory is someone's property. For example if you have a playground in your backyard and someone’s on it you can tell them to get of because you own the playground. BY: RYAN SIEGEL