by the waters of babylon n.
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By the Waters of Babylon? PowerPoint Presentation
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By the Waters of Babylon?

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By the Waters of Babylon? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By the Waters of Babylon?

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  1. By the Waters of Babylon? Coming of Age Tales the Short Way…

  2. Journal Write Philosopher George Santayana said: “Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.” Write journal entry discussing the meaning of the quote above and how this might apply to the story “By the Waters of Babylon.” Where might the society in the story be headed? You may wish to begin by referring to the final paragraph on page 321 to begin your response. • Yes, this is a continuation of the reading activities, so have those out so I can check them.

  3. The Coming of Age Pattern…(Honors) • As a table develop a chart and fill in the details for the Coming of Age narrative based off the notes taken last class, and the story. • Think of this as a task in identifying the pattern of the story you are reading. Use the notes to develop a check-list and then fill in the details.

  4. The Coming of Age Pattern…(High-Honors) • Look at the story: “By the Waters of Babylon” and the two poems: “Exile” and “The Jabberwocky” • Find commonalities between these stories. Come up with a list of features for Coming of age tales. • Look back at your notes from other story patterns for guidance in determining what sorts of information you need to develop. • You may also look at other stories you have read that are coming of age tales.

  5. Extension…(Extra Credit HW assignment) • Given what happens in the story and where John goes, why is the title appropriate? • Do some research or make some inquiries. Why is Babylon appropriate? Write a short explanation of why Babylon is the correct symbol.