Xbrl the business reporting supply chain and audit impacts
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XBRL: the business reporting supply chain and audit impacts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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XBRL: the business reporting supply chain and audit impacts. Neal Hannon, Co-Chair XBRL Education Committee Bryant College. XBRL: Today’s Overview. intro. A picture to start……. ‘e-business’ – What does it really mean? XBRL – Who What When Why. Describe What You See?. quiz.

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Xbrl the business reporting supply chain and audit impacts l.jpg

XBRL: the business reporting supply chain and audit impacts

Neal Hannon, Co-Chair XBRL Education Committee

Bryant College

Xbrl today s overview l.jpg
XBRL: Today’s Overview


  • A picture to start…….

  • ‘e-business’ – What does it really mean?

  • XBRL –

    • Who

    • What

    • When

    • Why

Describe what you see l.jpg
Describe What You See?


This is the initial pop quiz………

It is a ‘perception test’………

Here are some normal thoughts but let s hear some more l.jpg
Here Are Some 'Normal' Thoughts, but let’s hear some More.


  • A guy in an office.

  • Sleeping on the floor.

  • Programmer.

  • Computer engineer.

  • Shares the cubical space with another employee.

  • Trashed desk, overflowing junk everywhere.

  • 29ish look.

  • ‘Loser’?

Why is this relevant l.jpg
Why Is This Relevant?


  • He works at a '.Com' company.

  • The current market cap for the

    Company is $57B.

  • They make money.

    • ($78M NetIncome/$132m in cash flow last quarter).

  • He is the CEO.

  • The company was founded in 1995.

  • He is worth approx. SIX billion today.

  • He was worth $500Mwhen the picture was taken.

Slide7 l.jpg

Browsing the Web (Content—without Context)


If you search for the word “Mercury” on the what would you get?


Change in the supply chain is powerful l.jpg
Change in the supply chain is powerful


The efficiencies driven from / in supply chains are significant.

Not all will survive.

The EDI model

The e-business model

Channel has a common model

Each has an EDI model

that is costly.

The range of what is under development today l.jpg
The Range of what is under development today………...




there are others…..









“Verticals” (Industry Supply Chains)

there are others…….

What is xml l.jpg
What is XML?


  • Published as a recommendation by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) in early 1998.

  • Uses tags to give context and structure to the content

  • Provides a common way for disparate systems to exchange specific information (application integration)

  • Provides a means to separate data from style (so a single source can be output for multiple uses)

  • Separates data from logic of applications (so that it can be reused for multiple purposes).

So when will this happen l.jpg
So when will this happen??


  • Never.

  • After I retire.

  • Before I retire but too late for me to have to worry about it.

  • Sooner than I want to admit, but I still have enough time to procrastinate.

  • Next five years.

  • Next two to three years.

Cfo magazine on investor relations l.jpg
CFO Magazine on Investor Relations

App to fin rep

"The explosive growth of the internet is not only changing the way companies conduct their business, it also promises to forever alter the way they communicate business performance. … Information availability may soon determine which companies benefit from market insight and which are hurt by market ignorance.”

- CFO magazine, February 2000.

Another quiz l.jpg
Another Quiz?

XBRL - Why

What word goes in the space?

“_____?____ is the language of business”

“_____?____is the language of e-business”



The internet enablement of reporting l.jpg
The Internet Enablement of Reporting

App to fin rep

XBRL = eXtensible Business Reporting Language

A new economy language for business information, reporting and analysis.

Xbrl working model planned specifications l.jpg
XBRL Working Model: Planned Specifications

XBRL - What


XBRL for Financial Statements

XBRL for G/L

Journal Entry

XBRL for


Regulatory Filings









and Lending





XBRL for Business

XBRL for Audit

XBRL for

Event Reporting


Credit Filings







and Data








Software Vendors

Slide18 l.jpg

What software ‘sees’ is the differentiator and drives benefits

(here is an example)

..\..\..\Program Files\XBRL Demo\XBRLDemo.xls

Financial institutions and their users l.jpg
Financial Institutions—and their Users benefits

XBRL - Why



  • SMALL BUSINESS provides FINANCIAL INSTITUTION with their information in XBRL and receives loan approval in less than a day instead of two days—or two weeks.

Your Client: Average Time for Loan Processing—1.75 days

Value-added Analysis and Decision-making?

90% + time spent on Data Discovery and Mechanics

With XBRL?

More Time for Analysis => Better Analysis => Less Risk










Process more loans in the same amount of time

Key xbrl components l.jpg
Key XBRL Components benefits

XBRL - What

  • XBRL / XML Specification (XBRL.org)

    • Global architecture/technology

  • XBRL hierarchical vocabulary (jurisdiction/industry)

    • Dictionary of terms by jurisdiction/industry sector

  • Style Sheets (preparer)

  • XBRL enabled tools (market)

So what show me the money l.jpg
So What??…. ‘show me the money’ benefits

XBRL - Why

  • Reduces cost to publish information

  • Significantly reduces cost to use the information

  • Increases the speed of use and related decisions

  • New concepts of using existing financial information….

    • Virtual documents

    • Comparison of all components, including disclosures

    • Linkage to ‘related’ topics

What might this enable l.jpg
What might this enable? benefits

XBRL - Why

  • User reporting/analysis on a personalized basis.

  • Agents monitoring key indicators.

    • What is your temperature and blood pressure right now?

  • More relevant reporting in the dawning of the ASP/outsourcing environment.

    • How many routers did Cisco manufacture last year?

  • Virtual closings.

  • Enhanced insights and transparency.

  • Quicker, Cheaper and faster decisions.

Xbrl and auditing what changes l.jpg
XBRL and Auditing; benefits What Changes?

  • XML provides the potential for additional information

  • XBRL creates nothing new

Auditing systems using xbrl l.jpg
Auditing Systems Using XBRL benefits

  • I. Planning, Implementing and Maintaining an Integrated Audit Program - Integrated Auditing Defined - Integrating the Audit Group (IS and Financial) - Integrated Audit Planning Procedures - Risk Assessment Procedures and Techniques

Auditing xbrl systems l.jpg
Auditing XBRL Systems benefits

  • II. Mainframe Systems Software and Control - Operating System Concepts - Security Applications (ACF2, RACF) - Database Software (IMS, DB2) - Operations Software (Librarian, Schedulers, Change Control)

Auditing xbrl systems33 l.jpg
Auditing XBRL Systems benefits

  • III. Audit of the Systems Development Process - General Controls within System Development Process - Audits of Development Groups - Auditing Purchased Systems - Auditing In-house Development Systems - Linking SDLC Audits to Integrated Application Audits

Auditing xbrl systems34 l.jpg
Auditing XBRL Systems benefits

  • IV. Advanced General Control Audits - Mainframe Audit Program - Audit of the DBA Function - Audits of the Technical Support Areas

  • V. Audit and Control of the LAN & Database Environment - Understanding Dbase Controls - Database Security - Database Backup and Control - Using Database Tools - LAN Administrative Issues

Auditing xbrl systems35 l.jpg
Auditing XBRL Systems benefits

  • VI. Audit's Role in Pre-Implementation Projects - Relating Pre-implementation Reviews to General Controls - Audit Methodology for Pre-Implementation Audits

  • VII. Advanced Application Auditing - Auditing Integrated Application - Structured Auditing -- Using Forms and Automated Workpapers - Advanced CAAT TEchniques - Using Audit Command Language (ACL)

Is auditing different with xbrl l.jpg
Is Auditing Different With XBRL? benefits

  • It Depends on

    • Representation of financial information

      • Who is relying on the data and why

    • How are the XBRL tags applied

    • Validity of the taxonomy used

Is auditing different with xbrl37 l.jpg
Is Auditing Different With XBRL?

  • Special Needs

    • Care and feeding of Instance documents

    • Updating Taxonomies

    • Audit Scope Issues

Three levels of understanding l.jpg
Three Levels of Understanding XBRL?

  • Auditing of XBRL financial statements requires understanding:

    • The system that created the numbers

    • The XBRL taxonomy that mapped the financial system

    • The Instance of XBRL document that is used to create reports

Xbrl the business reporting supply chain and audit impacts39 l.jpg

XBRL: the business reporting supply chain and audit impacts XBRL?

Neal Hannon, Co-Chair XBRL Education Committee

Bryant College XBRL Educational Resource Center