the abstract subject n.
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The Abstract Subject

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The Abstract Subject
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  1. The Abstract Subject Anna Zaklis Audrey Moningka Colette Webb

  2. Nominalizations :] • Nominalizations are: • Verbs that have been turned into nouns • Ex. : Megan created a masterpiece. • Megan’s creation is a masterpiece. • Alyssa Googled this assignment last night. • Alyssa researched this assignment on Google last night. • Martin danced with Britney Spears last night. • Martin and Britney Spears shared a dance.

  3. Nominalizations Con’t • Adjectives that have been turned into verbs. • Ex. : Tammy went on Pimp My Ride and had her normal car turned into a modern car. • Tammy went on Pimp My Ride, who modernized her normal car. • Or • Tammy went on Pimp My Ride and had her normal car modernized ***Nominalizations are common and easy to produce They can easily become a trap. They can take away from your writing.

  4. More Nominalizations… Something to Remember: **** Adjectives that turn into verbs almost always end in IZE. **** Verbs that turn into nouns almost always end in IONS.

  5. Nominalizations Con’t: • Sometimes nominalizations aren’t so bad… • Ex: The Governor’s opposition to abortion has caused many pro-choice organizations to work against his reelection. • This is softer in wording to say than for example: *The Governor opposes abortion, which caused many pro-choice organizations to work against his reelection.

  6. VeRb PhRaSe OR a CLaUsE…as a subject • Another source of abstraction is a sentence with a verb phrase or a clause as a subject rather than the usual noun phrase. • The source of the problem may be that a missing or misplaced agent. • Example: The buying of so many action figures and so much toy cars by children is the result of the popular movie The Transformers. • Buying is misplaced and does not fit the context of the sentence. A better sentence would be: - Example: The children who are buying so many toy cars and action figures is a result of the movie Transformers.

  7. Why Teach Your Students: • Shows them different sentences and sentence structures. • When they know one word, they end up knowing more. • Gives them power over their own vocabulary. • They will become better writers.

  8. How To Teach Them: • Teach after they have a clear understanding of verbs, adjectives, affixes, etc. • Give them worksheets and have them underline the affixes such as -ions and -ize and explain to them the differences in the way they are used in sentences. **Be creative: games, worksheets, visuals etc.