Review of labour migration dynamics in cambodia
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Review of Labour Migration Dynamics in Cambodia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Review of Labour Migration Dynamics in Cambodia. Contents. Types of Work Key stake holders Statistic of Migrant workers Problem faced by migrant worker Law and Recruitment process International agreement Recommended guidelines on recruitment. Types of work. Domestic workers Agriculture

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Types of Work

Key stake holders

Statistic of Migrant workers

Problem faced by migrant worker

Law and Recruitment process

International agreement

Recommended guidelines on recruitment

Types of work
Types of work

  • Domestic workers

  • Agriculture

  • Construction

  • Fisheries

  • Factory

  • Transport….etc,

Key stake holders
Key stake holders

  • Government Agency

    - Ministry of Labour and vocational training

    - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International


    - Ministry of Interior

    - Council of Ministers

    - National Aids Authority

    - Inter-Ministerial Working Group

Key stake holders cont
Key stake holders (cont….)

  • International Organization

    - International Organization of Migration (IOM)

    - International Labour Organization (ILO)

    - United Nations Development Fund for Women


    - United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

    - United Nations Inter-Agency Project onHuman

    Trafficking in the greater Mekong Sub Region


    - World Bank

Key stake holders cont1
Key stake holders (cont….)

  • NGOs

    - CARAM Cambodia

    - Legal Support for Women and Children (LSCW)

    - Cambodian Women’s crisis center (CWCC)

    - Cambodian Women for Peace and Development


    - Cambodian Children Development Organization


    - Human Rights and development Association


    - Cambodian Development Research Institute

Statistic of migrant workers
Statistic of Migrant workers

Registered Cambodian Migrants by destination in Thailand

Resource by : Review of Labour Migration Dynamics in Cambodia, September 2006 (IOM)

Problem faced by migrant worker
Problem faced by migrant worker

  • Lack of Regular work

  • Dangerous working condition

  • Infect disease

  • Unsafe money transfer system

  • Undocumented ( Arrested, Detention, deportation)

  • Discrimination

  • Abuse, exploitation

  • Income disparity between migrants and local worker

  • Sexual harassment

Law and recruitment process
Law and Recruitment process

  • National Law

    - Sub degree 57 on sending khmer migrants abroad, 1995

    - Sub degree 70, 2006 on the creation of the manpower training and overseas sending board

    - Prakas 108, 2006 on Education of HIV/AIDS, safe migration and labour rights for Cambodian abroad

    - Prakas 012, 2007 on the Creation of a Labour Migration taskforce

Law and recruitment process1
Law and Recruitment process

  • Recruitment Process

    - About 15 private recruitment agencies are currently licensed by the MoLVT. Twelve of these agencies recruit workers for employment in Thailand and 3 for Malaysia and korea

    - Migration to thailand through a recruitment agent takes between 2 - 3 months.

International agreement
International agreement

  • International Law

    - Cambodia has ratified all of eight Fundamental ILO Conventions about People’s rights at work

    - Cambodia has sign but not yet ratified the UN convention on the protection of Human rights of all migrant workers and member of their families

    - MoU on Cooperation in Employment of worker with Thailand was signed in 2003

    - Convention on elimination of all forms of discrimination against women

Recommended guidelines on recruitment of migrant workers
Recommended guidelines on recruitment of Migrant workers

  • The guidelines articulate agreed good pratices for the recruitment of migrant workers in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region. The guidelines cover the topics of :

    - Pre-departure procedures and Services

    - Regulation of recruitment agencies

    - Fees for recruitment services, and

    - Working conditions and rights.