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Academic english iii

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Academic english iii. November 7 th 2012. Job Application Process. Write a résumé. Find a job ad. Adjust your résumé for that particular job. Write a cover letter for the job. Send application. Have an interview. …?. Today. Follow-up Letters. Cover Letter Writing Practice.

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academic english iii

Academic english iii

November 7th2012

job application process
Job Application Process
  • Write a résumé.
  • Find a job ad.
  • Adjust your résumé for that particular job.
  • Write a cover letter for the job.
  • Send application.
  • Have an interview.
  • …?
  • Follow-up Letters.
  • Cover Letter Writing Practice
after the interview
After the interview…
  • The interview follow-up letter…
  • …”Thank you” letter.
follow up letter
Follow-up Letter
  • Usually sent within a week after the interview.
  • It can be e-mailed, but…
  • …a physical letter (business letter) can have a stronger effect.
  • An e-mailed letter is still OK, though.
in a follow up letter
In a Follow-up Letter:

- Thank the interviewer(s) for his/her/their time and interest.

- Reiterate your interest in the position.

  • Re-emphasize your qualifications.
  • Include any information requested at the interview (i.e., references).
  • May add important information that did not come up in the interview.

- May ask for further information to show your interest in the job and employer (company).

- Indicate that you are looking forward to hearing from the employer (may also invite any further questions).


Letterhead (your contact info)


Recipient’s info

Expresses gratitude of the interviewee.

Time you interviewed.

States the position you applied for.

Mentions the main feature of the company

Re-emphasize your qualifications.

End politeley:

- thank the interviewer

- let them know you are looking forward to hearing from them.

Express further interest

Closing: - Sincerely, - Best regards,Signature and name


Thanks and re-states interest

Refers to interview &


Provides additionalrequested info.

Thanks again &

indicates eagerness tohear back from them.

follow up letter1
Follow-up Letter
  • A follow-up letter is one more chance to show: - Your interest and enthusiasm for the position.

- Your professional manner.

  • It can help you stand out from other applicants.
letters of application cover letters
Letters of Application (Cover Letters)
  • The letter of application is a cover letter you send to a prospective employer to supplement your résumé.

It should be:

    • Personable – about you.
    • Professional – demonstrates your professionalism.
    • Persuasive – sells yourself to the prospective employer.
letters of application cover letters1
Letters of Application (Cover Letters)

Main purpose:

Convince the prospective employer that you can use the experience and education listed on your résumé in the job.


1. Make sure to supply your contact information.

2. Make the letter look attractive.

3. Send the letter to a specific person.

4. Emphasize YOU! But don’t boast too strongly.

5. Close with a polite salutation.

6. Don’t send your first draft!

parts of a loa
Parts of a LoA

Letter Head (name and contact info).


Recipient’s information


Opening paragraph.

Body. - education - experience


Relate these to the position applied for.


This provides evidence from your résumé to prove you are qualified.

- Keep sentences short and readable.

  • Don’t begin each sentence with “I”.

I have good management skills. I gained relevant experience through my recent internship. I learned from prominent professionals. I was involved in many decision making processes.


This provides evidence from your résumé to prove you are qualified.

  • Highlight your qualifications by citing specific accomplishments.
  • Mention that you are enclosing your résumé.

Highlight your qualifications by citing specific accomplishments:

  • Tell the reader exactly how your schoolwork and experience qualify you to perform and excel at the job.
  • Show how you can make a positive contribution to the organization.

Highlight your qualifications by citing specific accomplishments:

  • Don’t simply say “I’m a great salesperson.”


  • Demonstrate your accomplishments by stressing that you increased sales volume in your department by 15 percent within the last six months.
  • You won an award for customer service.
  • You reduced costs by 15 percent.

Discussing education:

Emphasize marketing WHY and HOW your most significant educational accomplishments-

- course work, degrees, certificates, training, etc.

are relevant for the job.


Discussing education:

Poor example:

I will graduate with a degree in IT.


Discussing education:

Better example:

Talk about 36 credit hours in software security.

12 credit hours in global business.

Show exactly how you are qualified!

what is wrong with these
What is wrong with these?

This e-mail résumé is my application for any job you now have open or expect to fill in the near future.

I have not included a résumé since all important information about me is in this letter.

My qualifications will prove that I am the best person for your job.

I am writing to ask you to kindly consider whether I would be a qualified person for the position you announced in the newspaper.

When you want to arrange an interview time, give me a call. I am home every afternoon after 4:00.

  • Résumé draft due tonight! (11:59 p.m.)
  • Cover letter draft due Friday (11:59 p.m.)
  • Final submission: Next Wednesday.