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MAP Testing

MAP Testing. MAP ™ Tests. MAP testing begins on 1st October Students in Grades 2-5 will be tested over a two week period What are MAP tests ? What do they mean for your child ?. MAP ™ Tests. All schools use assessment to measure student progress .

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MAP Testing

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  1. MAP Testing

  2. MAP™Tests MAP testingbeginson 1st October Studentsin Grades 2-5 willbetestedover a twoweekperiod What are MAP tests? What do theymean for yourchild?

  3. MAP™Tests All schools use assessment to measurestudent progress. Mostassessments are “in-house”, designedby teachers and related to unitsofstudy in school. In addition, some formofexternaltestingisneeded to measureprogress in comparison to wider “norms”.

  4. MAP™Tests Whatis MAP? Measuresof Academic Progress DevelopedbyNorthwestEvaluationAssociation

  5. What are thebenefitsof MAP? Unlikemosttests, MAP doesn’tjustgenerate a score. Attheendofeachtest, thestudenthas a RIT score, whichbroadlycorresponds to achievementat grade levels.

  6. RIT VALUE NORMS - 2011

  7. More Benefits In addition, thetestsgiveteachersdetailed informationabouteachchild’sinstructional level. Usingthisinformation, teachers can formgroups ofstudents for targetedteaching and learning activities.

  8. How does this help teachers?

  9. Individual Student Records of Progress

  10. How can you prepare your child for MAP testing? A goodnight’ssleep A healthybreakfast Arrival on time for school Pleaseletusknowofanycircumstancesthatmightaffectyourchild’s performance in theupcoming MAP testseason.

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