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article 7

Shall the District raise and appropriate as an operating budget, not including appropriations by special warrant article and other appropriations voted separately, the amount set forth on the budget posted with the warrant or as amended by vote of the first session, for the purposes set forth therein, totaling $38,767,019 distributed as follows: Fund 10 = $37,012,372 (regular operating budget); Fund 21 = $ 786,343 (expenditures from food service revenues); Fund 22 = $ 818,769 (expenditures from federal/special revenues); Fund 23 = $ 149,535 (expenditures from pass through funds)? Should this article be defeated, the operating budget shall be $ 38,474,981 (Default Budget) which is the same as last year with certain adjustments required by previous action of the district or by law; or the district may hold one special meeting in accordance with RSA 40:13, X, and XVI to take up the issue of the revised operating budget only. The School Board recommends this appropriation. (Majority vote required)

goals based budgeting
Goals Based Budgeting

First year of the transition to a goals based budget process

Develop a “lean budget that is educationally sound”

Overall appropriations of between 0% and 3%

Priority items were specifically developed

goals based budgeting1
Goals Based Budgeting

Priority Items include:

Adhere to the district’s Class Size Guidelines

Maintain and where possible, enhance programs

Multi year Professional Development plan

Address existing gaps in foreign language

Reduce the student/computer ratio

Continue to evaluate use of paraprofessionals

goals based budgeting2
Goals Based Budgeting
  • The overarching theme of the entire process:
    • sensitivity to the economic situation facing many families
    • reduce or level fund this budget while still providing the core educational program

“lean but educationally sound”

warrant article 7
Warrant Article # 7

FY2011 Operating Budget

Fund 10 General Fund Budget $ 37,012,372

Fund 21 (food service) $ 786,343

Fund 22 (federal grants) $ 818,769

Fund 23 (pass through) $ 149,535

Total FY11 Budget: $38,767,019

comparisons fy10 v fy11
Comparisons FY10 v. FY11
  • FY2011 Total Proposed Appropriations for ALL cost items results in an increase of 1.69% above the current FY2010 approved appropriations.
default budget
Default Budget

The default budget means the amount of the appropriation as contained in the operating budget authorized for the previous year, reduced or increased, as the case may be, by debt service, contracts, and other obligations previously incurred or mandated by law, and reduced by one time expenditures contained in the operating budget. One timeshall be appropriations not likely to recur in succeeding years, as determined by the governing body.

proposed fy2011 operating vs default budget
Proposed FY2011 Operating vs. Default Budget
  • FY2011 Proposed $38,767,019
  • Default $38,474,981

$ Difference $292,038

fund 10
Fund 10 …
  • Most non-salary & benefits lines have been level funded or reduced in the proposed FY2011 budget
fy2011 budget increases
FY2011 Budget increases:
  • CBA salary increases for ORTG, ORPaSS, ORBDA (approx 2%)
  • ORAA non-CBA adjustments (approx 2%)
  • Non-CBA personnel salary adjustments -Central Office Support staff, Maintenance, IT (approx 2%).
  • 4 Central Office Administrators budgeted at 0% salary increase
  • Health Insurance premium increases of 19.5%, Dental 5.5%.
board deliberations public input
Board Deliberations & Public Input

Board meetings (a total of 8 to date) regarding budget started in August

Presentations from Leadership Team in November - CIP & TIP, December - day long budget retreat

Public Budget Hearing in January

Open Forums in each Town w/ Super & BA

Website postings (41 postings to date)

fy2011 proposed budget includes the following reductions
FY2011 Proposed Budget includes the following reductions . . .
  • Library staffing - Middle School
  • Custodial staff - 1 FTE
  • Bus Driver staff - FTE
  • Speech Language Asst – Middle School
  • Paraprofessional Staff – elementary levels
  • Secretary – Middle School
  • Speech Services – elementary level
  • Energy Conservation/Savings – district wide
new staff positions
New Staff positions
  • Intervention Specialist – at Middle School to address math & reading, NCLB “School In Need of Improvement”
questions raised
Questions Raised . . .

1400-1499 “Other Programs” – increased $200k due to move of summer school to this line from 1100-1199 “Regular Programs” which has decreased $600k.

2310-2319 “Other School Board” – all School Board district level expenditures such as Annual Meeting, liability insurance, cba negotiations, dues . . .

2800-2999 “Support Service Central & Other” – increased due to move of items from 1105, 2400 & 2600 functions (IT salaries & benefits, district level contracted services, central office utilities).

Entire budget detail (1500+ lines, 34 pages) on web site.