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DESIGN GAMES: GAME DESIGNS . Ajay Rajaram. THE MUSICAL JIGSAW. Aimed at ear-training for beginners in music. First, a piece of music is played to the user.

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Aimed at ear-training for beginners in music.

First, a piece of music is played to the user.


The user (or player) is then given fragments of music that he or she must arrange in the correct order. The pieces may have constraints or affordances based on the difficulty level the user is in.


The interaction should preferably be drag-and-drop. The affordances at easier levels could just be snapping of pieces, so that there are no explicit visual clues to the user, and he/she must rely entirely on sound.


The player is scored based on the number of musical fragments he/she arranges in order within a given amount of time that is determined based on the length and complexity of the musical piece.


Considering that most of my presentation is devoted to the Musical Jigsaw, it is obviously what I actually want to do.

I probably would need to use it a lot myself.

gobblet of color

Based on the hybrid of Gobblet and Ringgz suggested earlier in a presentation by Ravi Karkar and me.

Gobblet with more than just 2 colored pieces: could involve more players than the conventional game.


Goal is to still get 4 in a row, gobbling works in the same way, but players may only gobble pieces of opponents that are connected to their own pieces.

So let’s look at some fancy pictures of Gobblet and Ringgz… for no good reason.


So yes, the Musical Jigsaw. That’s my idea. Any questions? I probably can’t answer them yet, but I might, some day…