Mexican red kneed trantula by dominic carter
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Mexican red kneed trantula by dominic carter. It is black red white orange, it has w hite legs grass hoppers E urope. Bald eagle by Lindsay F ritzsche. Dark brown powerful wings . Brown body yellow feet They live near wader Fish small mammal snakes and other bird

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Mexican red kneed trantula by dominic carter

Mexican red kneed trantulaby dominic carter

It is black red white orange, it has white legs

grass hoppers


Bald eagle by lindsay f ritzsche

Bald eagle by Lindsay Fritzsche

Dark brown powerful wings . Brown body yellow feet

They live near wader

Fish small mammal snakes and other bird

Their nest weighs a ton it can be eight feet long

Saber tooth cat by daniel henderson

Saber tooth catby Daniel henderson

A saber tooth

Destert black and white goes over 400 wear it lives on eatrth


Black and white


Over 400

Wear it lives on eatrth

scorpion by delaunte lane

Tokay gecko by lawren lee litwiler

Tokay geckoby lawren lee litwiler

It is 14 inches 35 cm

Large mouth yellowish eyes blue gray skin

It lives in a variety of warm places

They eat crickets

Geckos hatch from eggs

Saber toothed cat emily lorello

Saber Toothed CatEmily Lorello

A saber toothed cat is tan it has short legs

It lives in North and South America

It is a meat eater

It weighs 440 lbs [200 kg]

Desmatosuchus by nickolas mason

Desmatosuchusby NickolasMason.

. Looks like Armor Reptile

lived in Triassic period

. It was a herbivore so it ate plants

Chihuahua by jacob maurer

Chihuahua By Jacob Maurer.

Look like a Chihuahua dog

Home zoo and pawed

Dog Chihuahua food

Howler monkey by venessa meola

Howler MonkeyBy Venessa Meola

Black to Brown fur.Black eyes and face.

Two to four feet.

Weighs from 4 ounces=113 grams.

It has long arms with five fingers.

Monkeys live in forest, grass lands and high plains.

Grate wite shark by benjamin penniman

Gray and wite.12 to 16 feet. 5 gill slits.It is a mammal.And it has a torpeto shapetbody.Thay live in the ocean. Thay eat fish, ray,other sharks,otters, And sea turtuls.Thay are ferocious predators with 3,000 teeth at one time.Thay also eat wales.

Grate Wite shark by benjamin penniman

Turtle logger head byamirah

Turtle logger head it has a torpeto shapetbyAmirah

It is green and big .it eats fish and crabs.

They have a beak n but no teeth. they live

In the sea and ocean hope you enjoyed this the end

Rottweiler by ericrunnion

Rottweiler by it has a torpeto shapetericrunnion

Black and brown



By james royal

PENGUIN it has a torpeto shapet



Harp seal by james roux

Harp seal it has a torpeto shapetby James Roux

.5 to 5 feet

. It’s a marine mammal

.It lives in north alnticand artctic ocean and russia and greenlandcanada

.fishs and crustaceans

Saber toothed cat kylie singleton

Saber-toothed cat it has a torpeto shapetKylie Singleton

4-5 feet long 3 feet tall

north and south America

Eats elephants horses and bison

It is not a fast runner

It has seven inch long fangs

Spotted dolphin by logan stumbo

Spotted dolphin by it has a torpeto shapetloganstumbo

The spotted dolphin is 8 feet 2 .4m and has a pale gray belly dark gray flipper and white lipsit lives in tropical seas tropical islands it eats fish squid crustaceansendangered species makes high clicks

Panda by adele wade

Panda by it has a torpeto shapetadele wade

It’s black and white and it has big ears

Lives in mountains of china.

It eats bamboo

And leaves .they get to be 3 to 4 feet.

Hammerhheb shark by alex

Hammerhheb it has a torpeto shapet sharkby Alex

Hammderhheb shark It has a head shaped like a hammer it liv in warm water

It not a met

Cookie cuter shark by laurenzimmerman

Cookie cuter shark it has a torpeto shapetby laurenzimmerman

Length 20 inches 50cm,it has brown spots

it’s a mammal lives in ocean

It eats large fish and dolphins

Cookie cuter shark likes to swim very slow

Cookie cutter shark has big eyes

Red panda by brittan sabdos

Red panda it has a torpeto shapetby brittansabdos

Red,black and brown.


Fruit and corns

1.5 feet

12 pounds