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Defining DoD GHE

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Defining DoD GHE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Defining DoD GHE. Coordination and adjudication process: Report on the results from a SACCP tasker review and coordination of DoD GHE definition and retitling at the GO/FO/DASD level Received coordination responses from HA/FHP&R, JSSG , Navy, Air Force and Army

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defining dod ghe
Defining DoD GHE
  • Coordination and adjudication process:
    • Report on the results from a SACCP tasker review and coordination of DoD GHE definition and retitling at the GO/FO/DASD level
    • Received coordination responses from HA/FHP&R, JSSG, Navy, Air Force and Army
    • Results will be confirmed by DASD Witkowsky, PSO, and utilized in writing the DODI on DoD GHE by OUSD Policy
  • Retitling:
    • The suggestion of renaming “DoD Global Health Engagement” to an alternative title was coordinated.
    • Although there was one recommendation to consider changing the title to DoD Strategic Health Engagement, all reviewing officials concurred with keeping the title DoD GHE.
defining dod ghe cont
Defining DoD GHE (cont.)
  • Adjudicated short definition:
    • Received 4 concurs and 1 non-concur on the proposed short definition.
    • A new short definition was developed from recommendations and comments from all 5 reviewers.
  • New Short Definition of DoD GHE:
    • DoD GHE comprises health and medical related actions and programs undertaken by the DoD to improve foreign armed forces’ or foreign civilian authorities’ health system capacity; and to promote and strengthen their human and/or animal health systems in support of national security objectives.
  • Adjudicated long definition:
    • All reviewers concurred, with comments, on the proposed long definition. All comments and concerns were addressed resulting in a slightly modified adjudicated long definition for DoD GHE.
defining dod ghe cont1
Defining DoD GHE (cont.)
  • New Long definition of DoD GHE:

Department of Defense (DoD) Global Health Engagement (GHE) is those DoD health or medical related activities conducted with a foreign nation’s (FN) armed forces, foreign civilian authorities, or other agencies to establish, reconstitute, maintain, or improve the health systems of a FN; as part of, force health protection and readiness, threat reduction, and security cooperation efforts to promote stability and security, build partner capacity, build trust and confidence, share information, coordinate mutual activities, or maintain influence to meet USG national security objectives or military end states.

DoD GHE activities should be coordinated with and executed through the Geographic Combatant Commands; support DoD’s efforts to promote regional stability and security; by achieving Theater Campaign Plan objectives, reaching theater strategic end states, and capacity building of FNs. These activities are done in accordance with the Guidance for Employment of the Force and national security and foreign policy objectives.

DoD GHE uses the full spectrum of health and medical related activities as its means, be it military-to-military, military-to-civilian, medical research, humanitarian assistance, or disaster response.

DOD GHE seeks to build the health and medical capability and capacity of DoD personnel and/or that of the FN; bring about sustainable measurable improvements of the operational skills of DoD personnel, as well as, within the FN military and government to facilitate their ability to conduct internal response, to develop interoperability towards participation in coalition activities, lower the FN’s susceptibility to destabilizing influences, and maintain a level of health and medical care conducive to a healthy population; bolstering the civilian population’s confidence in the FN governance.

dod ghe functional activities
DoD GHE Functional Activities

Security Cooperation


Threat Reduction

Force Protection