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Benjamin Cole

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  1. Benjamin Cole North Magoffin Elementary School Grade 6

  2. Hello. My name is Benjamin Cole. I am a 11 year old student at North Magoffin Elementary School. My love for technology began at an early age through the use of a computer. I have been a member of our STLP Program since the second grade at my old school (Salyersville Grade School). This year I transferred to North Magoffin Elementary School. I have been a very active member participating in local, regional, and the upcoming state STLP events.

  3. I. STLP will develop activities which enhance the academic, social and emotional growth of the student: • I have worked with other STLP students and adults in our community. Some of my STLP activities include: • I am the assistant STLP coordinator at NME. • Provided video for school events at both schools. • Provided training parents/teachers/students/community members on various technology devices. • Providing video for Magoffin County Schools TV for school related activities including Veteran’s Day, President’s Day, and Christmas Programs. • Worked with adults in the community on Energy Efficiency.

  4. II. The STLP will provide leadership opportunities for all students. I have participated in many STLP leadership opportunities. As a result of my leadership roles in STLP, I was invited to participate in our Magoffin County District STLP activites and roles. I am an active member of the North Magoffin Elementary STLP. This year I received the role of assistant STLP Coordinator. My duties included overseeing our Energy Efficiency group. I have worked with this group to prepare them for the Regional Showcase and I will continue to work with them throughout the year on this project. During the showcase at Morehead State University, I was assigned to this group. I had to make sure the students were ready for judging. I also had to go over their packing list the day before we attended to make sure they had all needed supplies to showcase their project.

  5. IV. The STLP will form learning partnerships among students with different technology skills. I help other STLP students and students in my classes with technology skills. I work with STLP students and others to learn new technologies as the need arises. I have provided training to other students in need of new challenges in technology. I also helped with this STLP project. These girls received an impressive score of 115 at the Regional STLP Compeition! I was responsible for this group at the Regional STLP Competition in Morehead, which received a perfect score of 118!

  6. III. The STLP will participate in multi-age collaboration by forming innovative learning partnerships. • STLP collaborations include the following activities: • Training parents/teachers/students/community members on energy efficiency. • Providing video for Magoffin County Schools TV for school related activities including Veteran’s Day, President’s Day, and Christmas programs. • Working with adults in the community on energy efficiency. • Partnering with other students in Magoffin County and around Kentucky using SKYPE to share STLP projects.

  7. V. The STLP will develop activities which benefit communities. • I was an active part of the organization of the Energy presentation for the community and parents.

  8. VI. The STLP will develop instructional activities which integrate technology and benefit the school and support KETS. My STLP instructional activities which benefit the school and support KETS have been previously described throughout this application. Since I am a 6th grader at a new school, unfortunately, I was unable to acquire digital images as documentation. I hope that the information that I have included in this document is enough to prove that I am worthy of receiving the Outstanding Student Award.

  9. Creativity and Innovation STLP has been a fun and exciting way to use my creativity and innovation. I might not always be the mastermind behind a project but I am a team member making important contributions to help our STLP be the best we can be. Sharing and hearing other kids’ new ways to do STLP projects is part of the fun. I have always tried to perform at my best and hope that it is good enough for others to learn from.

  10. Reflection STLP has certainly been a creative and new way of thinking for me. It comes so natural for me to be ready on the spur of the moment to help out during school assemblies and other school/community related functions. I am always willing to take the extra step and go the extra mile to make STLP a memorable and pleasant experience for me as well as other kids that are involved. This makes me feel important as an individual. I feel like I am a leader and that I can help others to become leaders as well.