adaptation vs modification n.
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Human-Environment Interaction PowerPoint Presentation
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Human-Environment Interaction

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Human-Environment Interaction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adaptation vs Modification. Human-Environment Interaction. Human-Environment Interaction comes in many forms… From everyday use of consumer products Political agreements over environment resources Natural hazards

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Human-Environment Interaction

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    1. Adaptation vs Modification Human-Environment Interaction

    2. Human-Environment Interaction comes in many forms… • From everyday use of consumer products • Political agreements over environment resources • Natural hazards • These interactions can take the form of human adapting to or modifying their environment Background Information

    3. Adaptation- A change in human behavior to cope with environmental conditions (Example: different clothing due to climate) Modification- Humans have actually changed some part of the physical environment (Example: building a dam) Can you think of some other examples of adaptation and modification? Adaptation vs Modification

    4. What is this an example of? What is this an example of? Adaptation vs modification

    5. To survive people depend on the physical environment They adapt to it and modify it to suit their changing needs for things such as food, clothing, water, shelter and energy In meeting their needs, humans bring knowledge and technology to cope with physical systems. Adaptation vs Modification

    6. Humans have altered the balance of nature in ways that have brought economic prosperity to some areas and created environmental dilemmas and crises in others. • clearing land for settlement • mining • agriculture • Altering physical systems can transform human populations, wildlife and vegetation. Physical Environment

    7. Slash and Burn • Terraced Farming • Urbanization • Push factors- to draw or attract people • Pull factors- to cause or force people to leave • Tourism • recreation Agriculture Reshaping the Environment

    8. The Netherlands • Dikes- used to director prevent the passageof water • Polders- land that is reclaimedfrom the sea by drainageand diking • Venice, Italy (transportation by boat, island cities) • Deforestation- cutting down and clearing away of trees • Desertification- an expansion of dry conditions to moist areas that are next to deserts (farming, over-grazing and burning wood for fuel help to speed up process) • Desalinization- to remove salt from ocean water • Dams and irrigation systems Using Land and Water

    9. Human Responses to Natural Disasters and Nature • Hot and cold climates • Tornadoes • Earthquakes • Flooding • Hurricanes and tsunamis • Drought