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The LS Retail All-in-One Framework PowerPoint Presentation
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The LS Retail All-in-One Framework

The LS Retail All-in-One Framework

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The LS Retail All-in-One Framework

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  1. The LS Retail All-in-One Framework Creating benefits for the partners Carsten Wulff, Partner Management Director

  2. Current State Retail Solutions Framework Objective To make it possible to compete in the retail business with an all-in-one integrated retail solution Very sucessful 1.800 licenses, 33.000 stores, 76.000 POS But the world has changed....

  3. Retail Solutions Framework RSF is challenging and complicated: Created for a different licensing model POS and Store SKUs difficult to manage Waterfall pricing calculated manually Sold in packages Microsoft OCs and countries do not have the background to deal with RSF Difficult and inflexible to get special bids Customers are confused about 2 licenses

  4. Partner Revenue Recognition How do I benefit from Indirect Revenue Recognition? This revenue will be treated as normal 12 month roll revenue and will count towards the following: SPA discount calculation President’s Club Inner Circle Minimum Revenue Commitment under both the SPA and MPN What are the benefits of such Revenue Recognition? This value will be based on the actual transaction revenue to Microsoft adjusted to a generic discount

  5. New Products LS Retail ISV Embedded consists of 3 elements Full AM HQ users LS Retail Base Modules LS Retail Store and POS users

  6. ISV Embedded - Benefits Simplicity – less admin, less errors Special pricing on LS Retail and Microsoft products No need to wait for business desk to come up with discounts Special bids still available Increased competitiveness inside and outside Microsoft partner channel.

  7. ISV Embedded - Goals Complete End-to-End ERP solution at POS prices for the lower SMB market Lower entry level Shorter Sales Cycle Flexible and fast response to bids Increased competitiveness inside and outside Microsoft partner channel.

  8. ISV Embedded - Ambitions Double the number of new NAV customers from 2011-2012 Enable every partner to do 4-10 sales per year Reach 1.000 customers per year after 2013

  9. Q&A Q: Is the new framework available to all customers? A: The purpose of the new framework is to generate a lot of new customers and business. Therefore it is not available to existing NAV customers

  10. Q&A Q: What can we offer to existing NAV customers? A: It will be possible in a time-limited period to sell LS Retail NAV to those customers. Therefore it is a great opportunity to once and for all get all NAV customers in the retail space to LS Retail NAV. In the first phase it is only necessary to configure LS Retail Basis into the license

  11. Q&A Q: Can existing LS Retail customers migrate to the LS Retail All in One Framework? A: The existing LS Retail customers are licensed through another licensing methodology and the license is ”owned” by the partner. Therefore existing partners cannot migrate. They have the opportunity to stay with the existing framework. They will have access to all new LS Retail products.

  12. Q&A Q: Can LS Retail partners configure LS Retail licenses for their customers? A: LS Retail will be managing the LS Retail AND NAV licensing in the All-in-One Framework, making licensing faster, smoother and simpler.

  13. Deliverables Expected timeframe for the LS Retail All-in-One Framework: July 8th: New LS Retail agreement with addendum September 1st: ISV Program ready Terms and Conditions Q+A Pricelist