how to run a fabulous orientation for new staff n.
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How to RUN a Fabulous Orientation for NEW Staff PowerPoint Presentation
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How to RUN a Fabulous Orientation for NEW Staff

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How to RUN a Fabulous Orientation for NEW Staff - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to RUN a Fabulous Orientation for NEW Staff. Rola Zein Al Ittihad Private School Jumeira IPS-J. I ntroduction. Background Experience School History Staff Nationalities (200/23). What are we afraid of?. Think of YOUR Experience. When YOU first came to UAE: How did YOU feel ?

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How to RUN a Fabulous Orientation for NEW Staff

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how to run a fabulous orientation for new staff

How to RUN a Fabulous Orientation for NEW Staff

Rola Zein

Al Ittihad Private School Jumeira IPS-J

i ntroduction



School History

Staff Nationalities (200/23)

think of your experience
Think of YOUR Experience
  • When YOU first came to UAE:
  • How did YOU feel?
  • What was your worst fear?
  • Who helped YOU?
  • How long did it take YOU to adjust?
  • Would YOU like to go through that experience one more time?
consider this
Consider this:

This is all so new to me!!!!!!!!!!

  • School (work environment)
  • New colleagues (work as a team)
  • New management (sensitive to needs)
  • New “house” (flat-mate, neighbors/hood)
  • New country/ habits/culture (to take in)
  • New weather (heat)
  • New languages (everywhere)
anxiety vs safety
Anxiety vs. Safety

Anxiety Level

Feeling Safe

how to handle all this
How to handle all this????
  • Well-established SYSTEM
  • Everything is ready
  • Structure (easy to fit in)
  • Finding moral support
  • Space to be creative
  • When it comes to creativity- the sky is the limit
  • “Your class is your Kingdom”
before arrival
Before Arrival

Communication is very essential (Whatsapp!)

e-mail everything if time permits:

  • Important information about the school
  • Staff Handbook
  • Specific details on what is “NOT ALLOWED”
  • Plans
  • School Calendar + Event & Holidays
hr department
HR Department
  • Meet & greet @ the airport
  • Clean & fully- furnished accommodation
  • Provide necessary supplies
  • Location map & means of transportation
  • Colleagues living next door/ same building
  • Facilities available in the building (gym, direct access to the metro station..)
hr supply all
HR- supply all
  • Currency (coins & bills) & equivalence in AED
  • sim card- call family/friends upon arrival
  • Emergency numbers
  • Nearest pharmacy/ clinic
  • Nearest supermarket(take there & wait)
day 1 @ school
Day 1 @ SCHOOL

-BIG smile to greet new & old staff

-Staff ORIENTATION session

-Welcome Back Snack!

- School Tour

feeling safe
Feeling SAFE
  • I’m here for YOU
  • Ask as many questions: there is no ‘stupid question’ in my book
  • Exchange mobile numbers
  • All your needs have been met?
  • Transportationfrom school to accommodation
  • The answer to every request is a smile
we are a family
We are a Family
  • We are here for each other (good & bad times)
  • We share everything
  • We listen to each other
  • We live in harmony
  • School clinic operates all day
  • Introduce new staff & greet them
  • GAME-ice breaker
  • School’s Vision & Mission
  • General information
  • Important events on the calendar
  • Allowed vs. Not Allowed
  • What’s new this year??
  • Clear Expectations
teacher s file
Teacher’s File

Ready to distribute on DAY 1:

  • Yearly & Weekly Plans
  • Daily Schedule
  • Class list (+gender of students)
  • Student Information Sheet
  • Assessment dates
  • Duties (weekly plan, monthly news..)
  • Assemblies/Events Schedule
  • Section Floor Map
  • Calendar with all the important dates
school tour
School TOUR
  • The same section (KG/Primary/High School)
  • Main Administration (HR/ Accounting Dept.)
  • All other sections
  • School Facilities (Green Field- Main Library..)
  • Entrances & Exits
  • General Rules (parking lot..)
attending parents orientation
Attending Parents Orientation

Is very essential for new staff as it helps them get to know more about the school & the parents in general

meeting 1
Meeting #1
  • Discuss specific details (plans, standards, assessment)
  • What to do on the first week of school
  • HRT (plans of all subjects)
  • All the RESOURCES are available
  • Toys/ equipments/ activities
peer coaching
Peer Coaching

Choose one of your established teachers to coach the new teacher, to give:

  • More details & specifics on each subject
  • Where to get what?
  • How to handle??
  • “Come to me if you need anything..”
role of the coordinator hod
Role of the Coordinator/HOD
  • Clear procedures
  • Weekly meetings
  • Plans
  • Class visits
  • Recommendations
  • Answers to questions
  • Raise attainment & progress
demo lesson
Demo lesson
  • No students
  • Attended by teachers of all levels
  • Procedures & Routines
  • Teachers Steal, Beg & Borrow from each other
  • Visit other classes for ideas
  • Ask questions
  • Show different teaching techniques
exchanging visits
Exchanging visits
  • New Teacher →established teachers
  • Students are present
  • Procedures & routine
  • Write a report: what I learned.. what will I use..I liked the--- most…how to start & how to end a lesson
meetings schedule
Meetings schedule
  • Weekly meetings (same level teachers)
  • With HOD or Coordinator
  • With Principal
  • Mini-workshops on:

-Child Protection Policy

-Emergency Plans

  • Urgent Meetings
  • Parents meetings announced on the calendar
  • IEP Meetings (SEN)
class visits
Class visits
  • Walk-through (Learning Walks + targeted feedback)
  • Preliminary Visit (PC)
  • Announced Visit (PC)
  • Unannounced Visit (PC)
  • Post Conference+ Mirror
  • Recommendations & instant changes
  • Time limit to see these changes (When would you like me to visit you again??)
we share teachers administration
We share (Teachers & Administration)

A server

  • Yearly/ Weekly Plans
  • Monthly News
  • Standards
  • Assessment data
  • Scanned Books
  • Downloads from the internet
  • Table activities

No need for

classroom well equipped
Classroom-well equipped

Everything is ready from DAY1

  • Classroom Decoration
  • Stationery
  • Toys/Furniture
  • Student Books & Assessment Booklets
  • Teacher’s ‘Plan Book’ (tips & suggestions)
  • Smart board + MyNetCard
  • Internet Access & SERVER connection
make sure to
Make sure to:
  • Maintain a positive atmosphere
  • Implement work ethics
  • Be a role model
  • Respect & embrace different cultures
  • Give trust to get trust
  • Be honest/ never make promises you can’t keep
  • Be a good listener
awareness of needs
Awareness of Needs
  • “Contact me at any time..”
  • “I can see you’re not feeling well today. You can leave @---”
  • When feeling down→ show sympathy
  • “Are you busy???” “I’m always here for you..”
  • Need to talk, cry, express fear..
laughter fun
Laughter & fun
  • Give ample opportunities for that
  • Start your day with a “SMILE”
  • Instead of supplies call them “gifts”
if absent or feeling down
If absent, or feeling down
  • Call or text
  • Supply moral support
  • Reassure
  • Be positive
  • End it with a laugh
teacher turnover
Teacher Turnover
  • We all suffer from it
  • Maintain a positive relation with all staff members
orientation how long
Orientation: How long?

Orientation is not a matter of a few days.. It is a learning experience that takes a while & requires patience & a positive atmosphere

How long??

end note
End note

Teachers inspire NATIONS

Give them a home not a house

Provide moral support

Professional attitude & respect


Be transparent

thank you
Thank you


Kindergarten Principal & HOD