good evening students n.
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Good Evening Students!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Good Evening Students!!!

Good Evening Students!!!

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Good Evening Students!!!

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  1. Good Evening Students!!!

  2. Objectives/Goals Students will be able to effectively develop their narrative writing by adding elaboration and specificity to the details of a story.

  3. What is Elaboration?? To elaborate on something means to add information or to expand upon. I have a dog.  I have a brown dog.

  4. Sensory Details • Use sensory details to show readers what things in their story look like, sound like, smell like, taste like, and feel like. • This helps readers construct pictures. • Similes and metaphors can be added to help the reader connect the object to something familiar to them. The dog smells nice  The dog smells like fresh flowers.

  5. The girl was a witch for Halloween. The shy girl in my English class dressed up as a scary witch for the Halloween party at school.

  6. Deconstruction of Detail As the old grandfather clock struck twelve, I counted each chime and there were 13 exactly. I just thought the clock was broken. I turned off the television and nervously walked up the steps to my dark and lonely bedroom. Each step I took there was a creaking sound, which was strange because those steps had never creaked. I walked slowly into my room and had to feel around on the cold dusty wall for the light switch. I flipped the switch and nothing. I was beginning to get frightened; I stopped and listened for a moment and heard a door slam down the long and narrow hallway. Should I take the journey to find out what was happening? Pick out all the details in the passage and write down what is left of the sentence.

  7. Adding Detail The house looked scary.  Add details to this simple sentence to allow others to get a feel of what the house looked like and why it was scary.

  8. ?? Questions ??