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M.G. Orender

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M.G. Orender
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M.G. Orender

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  1. M.G. Orender PresidentPGA of America

  2. Play Golf America! • An umbrella marketing program for adult player development • A clear call to action • A multi-faceted approach targeting all segments of adult participation • Led by the PGA, but supported by all industry segments

  3. Play Golf America! Objectives • Target America’s 17 million non-golfers who have expressed a desire to play and 14 million occasional golfers who play 1-7 times/year • Feature programs which overcome barriers to increased participation • Attain a double digit increase in rounds played (nine and 18 hole) per golfer. • Promote golf as fun, affordable and easy to access. • Utilize the Internet as a means to measure consumer response to marketing programs and build database of prospects for player development programs • Channel industry-wide marketing support to maximize consumer awareness and action

  4. Play Golf America! Player Development Strategy • Introduction (Orientation) • Skill Development (Instruction) • Organized Play/Competition (Playing lessons, Leagues, Scrambles)

  5. Play Golf America! Marketing Message • Play Golf • Play Better Golf • Play More Golf • Play Local Golf: Golf Course or Range • Find it at playgolfamerica.com

  6. www.playgolfamerica.com • An umbrella internet search engine promoting PGA, LPGA, NGCOA and other player development programs including LU2G, PGA Free Lesson Month, EWGA, and Golf: For Business & Life • A portal to various industry player development sites including: juniorlinks.com, The First Tee, EWGA Chapters • A marketing tool for PGA, LPGA Professionals and facility operators to utilize to list their programs based on: • Skill level • Type of program • Target market

  7. www.playgolfamerica.com • A means to measure consumer response to marketing programs and build database of prospects for player development programs • A golf facility/operator resource site providing customized content to promote programs, player development program templates, guidelines and best practices, and ability to track customer participation • A single call to action for consumer marketing including advertising, public relations and promotions targeting prospective players and Occasional golfers

  8. Play Golf America! Consumer Marketing • Advertising • Public Relations • Promotions and Special Events • Direct/Database Marketing

  9. Play Golf America Industry Marketing • Education • Public Relations • Promotions and Special Events • Direct/Database Marketing

  10. Consumer Marketing: Advertising • Cooperative development of creative messages • $8 million pool to date of television inventory led by PGA of America, PGA TOUR, LPGA, USGA and broadcast media • Online advertising through coalition of industry web sites • Place-based advertising at participating facilities and professional tournaments

  11. Consumer Marketing: Public Relations • Publicity in key markets of influence and host cities for professional tournaments • Utilize PGA TOUR, Champions Tour and LPGA Tour members as celebrity spokespersons in local news conferences • Enlist support of Golf Writers’ Association of America

  12. Consumer Marketing: Promotions/Special Events • PGA Free Lesson Month to drive golfers to skill development and organized play opportunities • On site marketing of local programs and national website at PGA of America, PGA TOUR, Champions Tour, LPGA and USGA spectator tournaments • Co-branded family and kids play free promotions supported by various state agencies and the National Recreation & Parks Assoc.

  13. Consumer Marketing: Direct/Database • Leverage association, manufacturer and media databases to achieve referrals from existing golfers • Build database of new and existing golfers seeking information and programs at playgolfamerica.com • Test zip code based direct mail as coop marketing program with participating facilities

  14. Industry Marketing: Education • Updated Professional Golf Management Curriculum being offered at various colleges and universities • Online player development education, special workshops and seminars for PGA Professionals • Online reference center (“Best Practices”) and portal to gather/share top ideas to grow rounds • Tools to build and utilize customer databases • Tutorials on registration of facilities/programs on playgolfamerica.com • Marketing “tool kits” and other resources available on playgolfamerica.com • Action team training sessions for PGA Life Members to support player development programs

  15. Industry Marketing: Public Relations • Educational stories in various owner/ operator trade magazines • Recognition of top performers for their contribution to growing the game; i.e., PGA President’s Council • Communication through allied association regional/section/state meetings and communication vehicles

  16. Industry Marketing: Promotions/Special Events • GOLF 20/20 • PGA Expositions and membership meetings, NGCOA, LPGA and EWGA annual meetings • Other industry trade shows

  17. Industry Marketing: Direct/Database • Various industry websites including PGALinks.com, Golf2020.com, NGCOA.org • PGA Distance Learning programs • Various consumer websites including PGA.com, LPGA.com, PGATour.com, EWGA.org, USGA.org, juniorlinks.com, etc. • Playgolfamerica.com’s administrative site tools • Other industry web sites

  18. PGA of America’s Commitment • Convert estimated $6-8 million in PGA Member PSAs to Growth of Game promotional units • Update playgolfamerica.com to encompass all adult player development programs • Turner/AOL and PGA.com support of playgolfamerica • Engage Ryder Cup Captains, PGA Champions, Tour professionals and celebrities to support promotional efforts • Hire outside PR agency for market specific publicity • Develop regional/local media partners through cable operators, newspaper groups and local web services • Utilize select facilities for program testing (i.e. PGA Golf Club/Learning Center) • Engage PGA Sections to provide local admin and marketing support

  19. Industry Support • Additional PSA inventory on PGA TOUR, LPGA and USGA telecasts • PGA TOUR, LPGA and USGA events and players • Additional ad inventory from TV, print industry to promote playgolfamerica.com • Marketing support from golf manufacturers • Database sharing of media, manufacturers and associations to target infrequent players • Special equipment offerings geared to support player development programs • Creation of custom programs with multi-course owners