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Crabs. Chris Flores Sac 1(Unit 2)- Outdoor Ed.

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Chris FloresSac 1(Unit 2)- Outdoor Ed


Shape:Crabs has three main parts in the body. The carapace, that’s the main part of the body where the shell is hard. Its head and the middle part of the body are called the thorax. The cephalothorax is what joins the head and the middle section together. Crabs are shaped very similar like spiders but differ in a variety of ways.


Breathing: Crabs who live commonly in water breathe using gills and those who live on land have to cavities under the carapace allowing them to breathe air. Some crabs have both!

Colour: When people think of a crab, they automatically think a crab is RED! However, generally crabs are grey but when cooked, they turn red.

Diet: Many crabs are omnivores others are carnivores and some are herbivores so what crabs eat differ depending on the type of crab it is.

Vision: Crabs have very poor eyesight, in each eye they have an equivalent of 8,000 pixels meaning their eyesight has low resolution making it hard for them to see flying creatures such as birds

Weight: The weight of a crab depends on the type of crab and can vary from a couple of ounces to a few pounds. Generally they are no heavier than 1kg

What do crabs eat
What do crabs eat?

There are many different types of crabs, a majority of them are omnivores however they’re carnivores and herbivores such as the European green crab and the Marsh crab. Crabs are known as ‘carrion eaters’ meaning they feast on what’s left of a larger predators prey. They usually munch on pieces of dead fish or whatever else happens to sit on the bay or ocean bottom.

Where do crabs live
Where do crabs live?

Crabs live in the ocean, river beds, lakes, rocks, and in deep holes in the sand. Crabs are usually found living on a beach. Marine crabs are found in the sea, they have special pads at the bottom of their feet in order to help them swim.

Habitat type
Habitat type..

Crabs are generally found in habitats types such as rocky cliffs, sea shores and sand dunes.Marine crabs live in a marine areas such as seas and oceans.

Adaptations to its environment
Adaptations to its environment

Hermit crabs have developed modified gills in order for them to live on land. They generate special claws in order to walk on rough surfaces as well as protect themselves. Crabs are scavengers and these adaptations help them scour the beaches. Crabs that live on beaches use the shells of previous insects or animals and use it as their own protection.

Why do crabs migrate
Why do crabs migrate?

When do crabs migrate?Crabs migrate when their body starts to get bigger and starts maturing as a fully grown crab and during the beginning of the wet season.

Crabs migrate in order to keep warm and prepare themselves for their mating and also to reproduce.

Where do crabs migrate?About 150million crabs migrate to Christmas Island from the forest to the coast to breed and release eggs into the sea.

How do crabs migrate?Crabs crawl from the inland to the forests, than into the shores.


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