A speech interface to virtual environment
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A Speech Interface to Virtual Environment. Authors Scott McGlashan and Tomas Axling Swedish Institute of Computer Science. Presentation Agenda. Introduction The TALKING AGENT system DIVE SR/TTS Agent Modeling Framework Interaction Metaphor Reference Resolution Future Work Conclusion.

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A speech interface to virtual environment

A Speech Interface to Virtual Environment


Scott McGlashan and Tomas Axling

Swedish Institute of Computer Science

Presentation agenda
Presentation Agenda

  • Introduction

  • The TALKING AGENT system

    • DIVE

    • SR/TTS

    • Agent Modeling Framework

    • Interaction Metaphor

    • Reference Resolution

  • Future Work

  • Conclusion

Purposes of this paper
Purposes of this paper

  • Analyze the technical and design issues to combine a virtual world with a speech interface.

  • Describe system architecture of the TALKING AGENT system.

Problems of integration
Problems of Integration

  • Speech Recognition : Limited vocabulary to gain accuracy.

  • Language Understanding : Limited knowledge to maximize the understanding.

  • Interaction Metaphor : Who does the user talk to?

    (Above questions are discussed in detail in the authors’ last paper “Speech Interface to Virtual Reality”.)

Innovation of this system
Innovation of this System

  • Combining intelligent agent and speech interface to carry out specialized functions in the VR World.

  • Functions have been implemented :

    • Transporting objects

    • Fetching objects

    • Painting objects

    • Increasing the size of objects

Dive virtual reality system
DIVE-Virtual Reality System

  • DIVE(Distribute Interactive Virtual Environment) is a multi-user virtual environment.

  • DIVE allow users and environment interact in real-time.

  • DIVE contains a database composed of hierarchically organized objects .

Speech recognition
Speech Recognition

  • SR with limited pre-defined phrases promises good recognition performance.

  • Using grammar to set constraint to search space.

  • Using commercial SR-engine (Nuance).

Agent modeling framework
Agent Modeling Framework

  • High-level languages do not support complex symbolic computations.

  • Oz is well suited for this purpose.

  • Using ODI as interface between Oz and DIVE.

  • The parent agent consists basic functions.

  • We can define more specific agent by extend parent agent.

Interaction metaphor
Interaction Metaphor

  • Direct manipulation -Personal Presence.

  • Various metaphors for spoken interaction have been proposed.

    • Proxy

    • Divinity

    • Telekinesis

    • Interface Agent

  • This system adopt the Proxy metaphor.

Addressing agent
Addressing Agent

  • Inside the user’s eye-sight

    • Dialogue initiated by clicking on the agent.

  • Outside the user’s eye-sight

    • Phone agent-First press the phone agent then connect to remote agent


  • Given speech input ,system should give the visual feedback to the user.

    • If the agent listening or not?

  • What is the feedback when talking to agent far away?

Reference resolution
Reference Resolution

  • Given some descriptions , the reference resolution engine maps them to object which user is referring to.

  • Considerations

    • Object focus.

    • Property Perception.

    • Discourse Modeling.

Robust interaction
Robust Interaction

  • When errors don’t matter

    • User can view the results and current them by direct manipulation.

  • Safety-critical applications

    • Confirm user command.

    • Clarifying incomplete or ambiguous commands.

Future work
Future Work

  • Agent behavior should related to its previous action .

  • Add mental components.

  • Talking to agent by aura-driven .

  • Evaluate this system with realistic scenario.

    • Ex: virtual travel agency.


  • Add a speech interface to VR-system.

  • Using constraint SR to achieve high accuracy.

  • Developing an appropriate metaphor.

  • The agents modeled in this system provide specific functions in the virtual world.

Paper source
Paper Source

McGlashan, S Speech Interfaces to Virtual Reality in Proceedings of the Second Conference on the Military Applications of Synthetic Environments and Virtual Reality, Stockholm, Sweden, 1995.