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FlexStat Controller Family BAC-12X/13X/14X Erich Kreuter, KMC Controls, Inc. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FlexStat Controller Family BAC-12X/13X/14X Erich Kreuter, KMC Controls, Inc. 1. Let’s talk about FlexStat!. What is FlexStat?.

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Flexstat controller family bac 12x 13x 14x erich kreuter kmc controls inc

FlexStat Controller Family


Erich Kreuter, KMC Controls, Inc.


What is flexstat
What is FlexStat?

  • FlexStat is a family of intelligent, wall-mounted, thermostat/controllers. All models are native BACnet Advanced Application controllers (B-AAC). The Flexstat simplifies zone control for common HVAC systems which can be controlled via the integrated libraries of application programs.

  • All FlexStats include an integrated room

    temperature sensor as well as options for

    integrated humidity, motion, and CO2 sensors.

  • Application library includes control sequences

    for RTU, HPU, AHU, and FCU equipment.

Why flexstat
Why FlexStat?

  • FlexStat provides flexible, set-and-forget control of the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in your space without the expense of a large, centralized building automation system. FlexStat IEQ control optimizes the temperature, humidity, and ventilation for occupant health and comfort.

  • One-piece, room mounted control solution

Flexstat features
FlexStat Features

  • During installation, easily select from the built-in, “factory” applications (RTU, HPU, AHU, and FCU).

  • Two-piece design allows easy

    rough-in and termination of

    field wiring to the backplate.

    Allows the FlexStat to be

    placed safely out of the way

    or configured off-site for

    later installation.

Flexstat features cont
FlexStat Features (cont.)

  • Dot-matrix, high-contrast, backlit display with navigation buttons provide a friendly user interface with plain-English menus for controller configuration.

  • Display options include display precision, degrees F/C toggle, and configurable rotational values as well as hospitality or lockout modes.

  • Three levels of configurable passwords protect access to configuration, scheduling, and setpoint adjustment.

Flexstat features cont1
FlexStat Features (cont.)

  • Integral energy management control with energy deadband heating/cooling setpoints, economizer, optimum start, occupancy standby, and Demand Control Ventilation (DCV, via on board or remote CO2 sensor) options.

    • Built-in scheduling options (Entire Week, Weekdays, Weekends) with six On/Off or setpoint periods each day.

    • Optional Optimum Start/Stop provides

      adaptive control.

    • Integrated hardware Real-time Clock (RTC),

      with 72-hour backup.

Flexstat features cont2
FlexStat Features (cont.)

  • Networked or stand-alone control

  • Native BACnet with integral peer-to-peer BACnet MS/TP communications standard on all models. Configurable baud rate from 9600 to 76.8K baud)

  • “E” versions add Ethernet communication, supporting BACnet Ethernet, BACnet IP, and BACnet IP/Foreign Device.

  • BTL Listed as an Advanced

    Application Controller (B-AAC)

Flexstat features cont3
FlexStat Features (cont.)

  • Temperature sensing (standard) with optional humidity, motion (up to 33 foot range), and CO2 sensors.

  • Six additional analog inputs (field accessible)

    • Configurable for remote sensors, such as remote temperature, remote CO2, outside air temperature, mix air temperature, fan status, water supply temperature, and more…

    • Analog inputs accept industry standard 10Kohm thermistor (type II or III) sensors, dry contacts, or 0-12 VDC transmitters.

  • Nine total outputs (mix of relays and analog, model dependent)

Flexstat controller model overview
FlexStat Controller Model Overview

*NOTE: BAC-13xxxx/14xxxx models have an integrated CO2 sensor.

Humidity sensors are standard on 13x/14x models.

*NOTE: BAC-1xx1xx models have an integrated humidity sensor

(applications support dehumidification).

*NOTE: BAC-1x1xxx models have an integrated motion sensor

(applications support occupancy operations).

*NOTE: To order Ethernet connectivity, add “E” in the part number

suffix (BAC-121163CEW).

*NOTE: Standard color is white. To order light almond, remove “W”

from the part number suffix.

Flexstat resources
FlexStat Resources

  • For more details about the FlexStat series, see:

    • Datasheet

    • Installation and Operations Guide

    • Application Guide

  • These award-winning technical documents,

    honored by the Chicago Chapter of

    Technical Communication, provide

    selection tools, application, and

    sequence details.

  • Documentation is available for

    download at the KMC Controls web-site