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Unique features of. McCain ATC eX Controllers. By Donald M. Maas, Jr. Director of Business Development. ATC eX 2070. McCain’s Tributes. Multiple hardware configurations, one software. ATC eX NEMA. Omni eX ®. Hardware. Light and Compact. Smallest framework size among NEMA designs

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Unique features of

McCain ATC eX Controllers

By Donald M. Maas, Jr.

Director of Business Development

mccain s tributes
ATC eX 2070McCain’s Tributes

Multiple hardware configurations, one software


Omni eX®


Light and Compact

  • Smallest framework size among NEMA designs
  • Combines unique TS2-1/TS2-2 combination package
  • Bottom TS2-2 I/O assembly includes ‘D’ module support

3-Port Ethernet Switch

  • Provides simple method to connect multiple devices on same switch without an external device

Use of 9-pin serial port for NEMA port 2

  • Uses smaller 9-pin footprint
  • NEMA standard 25 pin connector for Port 2 does not take advantage of secondary port so there is no loss of functionality (see NEMA TS2 section 3.3.2)

4x USB(1.y) ports

Provides enough ports to manage databases, and..

  • Your phone
  • Your Kindle
  • Your camera

All at the same time!

omni ex software
Omni eX Software

Split Main Screen

  • Separates status screen and data entry operations
  • Prevents user from missing critical events while fumbling with the keyboard
  • Always shows current status, so that database changes are shown to the user in real time
omni ex software1
Omni eX Software

Dual Protocol support

  • Provides ITS/ATC SIU and CMU protocols. In addition, the same firmware supports the 2070 FIO (Field I/O)
  • Provides both the NEMA TS2 protocol (MMU/BIU) on the single SDLC bus
omni ex software2
Omni eX Software

Built in Ping utility

  • Allows controller to test its network path to the central system by sending ping message
  • Can be programmed with up to 4x IP addresses to test multiple routes
omni ex software3
Omni eX Software

Multiple Time Sync options

  • Configured to set ‘Start Time’ and Interval
  • GPS/WWV operation
  • NTP Client/Server operation
  • Prepared to provide both IPv4 and IPv6 (future)
omni ex software4
Omni eXSoftware

Volume/Occupancy collection

  • Since NTCIP limits the volume/occupancy collection period to 255 seconds, allows user to ‘combine’ periods
  • Since NTCIP limits the volume/occupancy collection period to 255 seconds, it allows user to combine periods
  • Only affects local logging, not AB3418/NTCIP real time reporting