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PIR (passive infrared) motion sensors, as the name suggests, use infrared lights from objects to detect motion. Here, we discuss about special features of PIR motion sensors. You can find more details at http://www.securitystoreusa.com

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Unique features of pir motion sensors


They use built-in amplifier to detect motion

The IR module is specifically used to detect IR radiation (body heat) from the human body

They can also detect other things that generate IR radiation

Internal components
Internal components

A built-in amplifier to convert IR radiation to voltage

A comparator for converting output to digital form

A stabilized power supply unit to supply power to the circuit

A quad-type pyroelectric element to detect movement within its range

Detection of movement
Detection of movement

The quad-type pyroelectric element has 4 similar receptors

The sensor can pick up even the smallest movements within the receptor’s range

This makes PIR motion sensors more accurate and effective

Working principles
Working principles

IR motion sensors detect radiation instead of emitting them

Then the comparator’s output increases and lights up the LED

The inverting input becomes low when the sensor detects IR radiation

3 different resistors in the IC transfer current to all internal components

Types of ir sensors
Types of ir sensors

IR sensors are of different types depending on their usage

Temperature sensors detect temperature

Ultrasonic sensors can measure distance between two points

PIR sensors are used for home/commercial security

Focusing mechanism in ir sensors
Focusing mechanism in ir sensors

PIR motion sensors use

The main task of lenses/mirrors is to focus light onto the sensor

Mirrors have slightly more range than lenses




How to avoid false detections
HOW TO avoid false detections

Avoid installing PIR motion detectors near HVAC vents that blow cold/hot air

Install them high up on the wall to avoid being triggered by toddlers and pets

Avoid placing them on the wall directly facing the window