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Eye Contact. teacher: Wang Hui class: senior one class two date: March 20th, 2009. doze arouse shift lean yawn. yawn. You will __________ if you feel a little tired. You __________ when taking a short nap. The sleeping child _________ against her mother’s shoulder.

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eye contact

Eye Contact

teacher: Wang Hui

class: senior one class two

date: March 20th, 2009


doze arouse shift lean yawn


  • You will __________ if you feel a little tired.
  • You __________ when taking a short nap.
  • The sleeping child _________ against her mother’s shoulder.
  • You will _____________ in the seat when feeling uneasy in your seat.
  • The teacher managed to ____________ curiosity in the students.






Can you guess

what is in

Yao Ming's mind?




offered to drive

walked over to my place

Don’t you dare try to help me out of this car!

got out

went quickly to his side

opened the door

leaned forward

reached out

accepted the lift

eyes met

got out

gave me a big smile

backed off

No harm done. All is well.


Para D&E

Q: If a speech doesn’t go down well, what is the most obvious display of the audience?

A: Their lack of attention.

Q: What are the possible warnings from the audience?

A: Yawning, programme studying, chatting in very low voices or dozing----silent communication.

Q: What will such information lead to?

A: It will lead to some change in the content, humour, style and attitude.

para d e
para D&E

gone down well

If you’ve made a speech that hasn’t _____________, the audience will tell you with their body language. The most obvious _________ of an audience’s _______ communication is their ______ attention. Yawning, _______________, chatting _______________ or dozing, to ______________, are warnings. You know you have _______ them. Such information __________ some change in the ________, humour, style and an immediate change of attitude is _________. No speaker is ever _________ for _________ with the ship.



lake of

programme studying

in a low voice

mention the worst


lead to


called for


going down

para c f
Para C&F


The audience are communicating with us even when they are not talking.

If a person shift in the seat, that means the speech is boring.

Our speech should based on the eyes of the audience.



para c f1
Para C&F

Q: How do you know you have aroused the audience’s attention?

A: The subject causes much movement in the audience.

Q: What are the silent clues of an interesting speech?

Shifting in the seat, exchanging looks with their neighbors, smiling, leaning forward, watching attentively.



programme studying

chatting in very low voice


shift in seats,

exchange looks,


leaning forward,

watching attentively

know what to drop,

what to revise and

what to add

go ahead

change in the content, humour and style

an immediate change of attitude



How do you understand the Chinese proverb “Eyes are the windows of one’s mind”?



The World Expo will be held in Shanghai in 2010. Our government is advocating excellent manner(礼仪). As a native, what do you think you will do to greet friends both at home and abroad?


Tips on eye contact :

Eye contact is important in many countries. In Western culture, maintaining eye contact in conversation is necessary. As a matter of fact, a Westerner might consider lack of eye contact as lack of attention or interest.


In Spain, France, Italy and Greece, where people stand close together talking to each other, eye contact is more frequent and lasts longer.

Eye contact is a subtle thing. If you do not have it, you might be considered impolite. But too much eye contact could also lead to trouble, for staring at others is considered rude and should always be avoided.

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2. finish exercise c2 on page 42