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MY TURN FOR THE OFFICE PARTY!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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MY TURN FOR THE OFFICE PARTY!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  2. Time for the big office party? This is an opportunity to either advance or potentially cripple your budding career! Take a look for some advice.

  3. DO • Remember that although they should be fun, they are still office events. • Act as though your behavior is being observed every minute.

  4. DON’T • Pass up the invitation to the party; not attending could hurt your reputation. • Don’t stay less than 30 minutes or until the wee hours of the evening.

  5. DO • Conduct yourself professionally at all times. • It is not an excuse to blow off steam; it is still a company function.

  6. DON’T • Bring the party lampshade, gag gifts, or other party favors. • You don’t want to be the standout that everyone talks about on Monday morning.

  7. DO • Enjoy yourself and state so to the person who threw the party and the boss. • This may be the only gift you get from the company for the holidays!

  8. DON’T • Wear the nightclub attire you may wear somewhere else. • Conservative clothes are best unless otherwise stated. • Nothing too revealing or flashy!

  9. DO • Keep your hands to yourself! • Don’t flirt, grope, or hang on your coworkers. • Remember: You flirt at work, you flirt with your career!!!

  10. DON’T • Spend all evening talking business. • You will become the office bore!!!

  11. DO • Keep all conversations positive and upbeat. • Bragging, complaining, correcting, whining, and ridiculing create labels you don’t want. • Avoid politics, religion, and off-color jokes.

  12. DON’T • Monopolize conversations. • Show interest in others and their accomplishments. • Be gracious and thankful even if it kills you!!

  13. DO • Keep one hand free during the night so you can offer handshakes to passing people. • Keep your drink in your left hand so you don’t offer a cold, wet handshake all evening!

  14. DON’T • If you are under the age of 21, do not accept alcoholic beverages. Be polite and say “no thank you,” if your co-worker or supervisor encourages you to consume illegal beverages. • Don’t pig out at the buffet either! • Everything in moderation!!

  15. DO • Take the time to network and shmooze with people, especially hire-ups. • Standing with your close friends may be more fun, but may also look antisocial!!

  16. DON’T Assume everyone celebrates the same holiday.

  17. DO • Be sure to know exactly who is invited to the party. • Spouses and guests are not always on the guest list. • If you bring a guest, make sure they know the rules!!

  18. DON’T • Forget to thank the person responsible for the planning of the party. • Consider sending a thank-you note to the host.

  19. DO • Inquire about office policies on providing car or cab service if you don’t have a designated driver. • Drinking and driving can kill more than a career!!!