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BULLSEYE VOCABULARY. UNIT 3. Linkage Institutions. Good Luck on your Test!!!!. Political Parties. Three-headed giants?. Party in the Electorate. Party in government. Party as an organization. Ways Political parties serve as linkage institutions?.

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linkage institutions
Linkage Institutions

Good Luck on your Test!!!!

party in the electorate
Party in the Electorate
  • Party in government
  • Party as an organization

Winning candidates who become the main spokespersons for the party that nominated them are which of the three headed giants?


Political parties serve the role of translating inputs from the public into outputs from policymakers. what role is this?


What is the theory that seeks to explain political processes and outcome as consequences of purposive voting?


A local party organization that uses specific and material inducements to win party loyalty and power?


What primary allows voters to decide on Election day whether they want to participate in the Democratic or Republican party?


Elections in which one candidate is elected to each office on the ballot for each electoral district?


Primarily responsible for crafting the political party’s platform and for nominating its candidates for President and VP?


When asked about the most important challenge of running party organizations, the national party chair for both reply?

parties form new enduring coalitions
Parties form new, enduring coalitions
  • New issues appear and divide the electorate in new ways
  • Existing fissures in party cause coalitions to fracture

Republican displaced with the Democrats during the Great Depression in the 1930s is an example of?


Rare events in U.S. history, usually associated with a major national crisis or trauma, in which one party’s majority domination is replaced with another’s?

public reaction to dred scott extension of slavery west slavery issue split whigs and democrats
Public reaction to Dred Scott; Extension of slavery west; slavery issue split Whigs and Democrats

Recruit candidates; run political campaigns, give voters cues, serve as a linkage institution?


Breaking Democrats long hold over Southern Conservatives; emphasizing states’ rights, strong military, and law and order?


An electoral system in which legislative seats are awarded only to the candidates who come in first in their constituencies?


The way in which candidates attempt to manipulate money, the media, and momentum to achieve the nomination?


Who has the meaningful function of a orchestrating a massive send-off of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates?


Elections in which voters in a state vote for a candidate, or delegates pledged to the candidate?


When did the Democratic party open up the process of choosing delegates to include women, minorities, and other groups?


Those that felt the McGovern-Fraser commission had opened up the delegate selection process to much are responsible for the addition of?


The tendency of states to hold primaries earlier in the calendar to capitalize on media attention is?


Critics of primaries and caucuses contend that the presidential “kingmakers” are now?

simplify the nomination process
Simplify the nomination process
  • Shorten the length of the campaign
  • Increase public understanding of the issues at stake
  • Equalize the relative weight of votes across states

The final major event of each party’s national convention, during the last hour or so on the fourth and final night, is the?


Providing select information and a request for money to lists of people who have supported candidates of similar views in the past is a frequently used political technique?


What requires all candidates for federal office to disclose all campaign contributions made to their campaigns?


What persuaded congress to limit individual contributions to presidential and congressional campaigns to $1000?


What government agency administers campaign finance laws and the enforcement of compliance with requirements?


What court case struck down part of the Federal Election Campaign Act that restricted individual contributions to candidate’s own campaign?


In Buckley v. Valeo, the Supreme Court ruled that restrictions on candidate’s contributions to their own campaign violated?


Money collected from the $3 income tax check-off that is distributed by the FEC to qualified candidates to subsidize their presidential campaigns?


Contributions of up to $250 matched from the Presidential Election Campaign Fund to qualifying presidential nominees?


Money donated to parties rather than the candidates themselves, thus not subject to contribution or spending limits?


Money donated to the candidates themselves, and subject to contribution or spending limits of the FEC?


Increased individual contributions to $2000, banned soft money, barred groups from running “issue ads” within 60 days of an election if they refer to a federal candidate?





The notion that candidates need to raise and spend enough money to compete but that it is not always necessary to outspend an opponent?


Funding vehicles, created in response to the 1974 campaign finance reforms, in which corporations, unions, big businesses, and interest groups join to raise funds for political campaigns?


Tax exempt organization created to influence the political process by raising campaign funds which are not regulated by the Federal Election Commission because they do not coordinate with party or candidate?


Requires a constitutional amendment; benefits small state that at least get 3 vote; benefits racial minorities and interest groups in key states; no clear alternative or consensus in how to reform


States play a critical role in choosing President; Candidate who wins most votes wins; candidates emphasize issues that may swing a key block of voters in pivotal states; devote lots of resources to closely contested states, swing states, and competitive states


An organization of people with similar policy goals entering the political process to try to achieve those aims?


Theorists who believe interest groups compete and counterbalance one another in the political marketplace?


Argues that groups provide a key link between people and government; different groups win at different times; groups play by the rules; no one group Is likely to become too dominant?


Argument that only a few wealthy groups have all the political power and dominate politics?


Argue that the fact that there are numerous groups proves nothing, because most groups are extremely unequal in their power?


Composed of key interest group leaders, government agencies in charge of administrative policy, and congressional committees all interested in particular policy areas?


Criticize that government refused to make tough choices between X and Y, instead pretending there is no need to choose and trying to favor both is most often made by?


Retail tobacco distributors of America, the Department of Agriculture, and the House Tobacco Subcommittee are an example of?


Term that refers to the difficulty that large groups have in activating all their potential members because non-members benefit from their activities?


Theory that states that the larger a potential group, the less likely potential members are to contribute?


Problem faced by groups when people do not join because they can benefit from the group’s activity even without joining?


Communication, by someone other than a citizen acting on his own behalf, directed to a governmental decision maker with the hope of influencing his decision?


One of the major criticisms of the American Interest group system is that it is biased toward the?


There are and enormous number of highly specialized trivial groups; every one has a staff and publications; more diverse today than in the past; now have their headquarters in Washington, D.C.


There are and enormous number of highly specialized trivial groups; every one has a staff and publications; more diverse today than in the past; now have their headquarters in Washington, D.C.