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eRA Commons Post-submission Functionality PowerPoint Presentation
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eRA Commons Post-submission Functionality

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eRA Commons Post-submission Functionality
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eRA Commons Post-submission Functionality

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  1. eRA CommonsPost-submission Functionality Scarlett Gibb eRA Commons Customer Relationship Manager Joe Schumaker eRA Communication Specialist Electronic Research Administration Office of Extramural Research National Institutes of Health June 2012

  2. Today’s Post-submission Functionality Topics • Using the eRA Commons • When Will I Use eRA Commons? • Status • Just-in-Time (JIT) • Notice of Award (NoA) • Administrative Supplements • No-cost Extension (NCE) • Progress Reports (eSNAP & RPPR) • Federal Financial Report (FFR) • Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) • xTrain • Closeout • Resources

  3. Using the eRA Commons

  4. Electronic Interaction Points Check Review Assignment Submit Pre-award Information eRA Commons Check Review Outcome Prepare/Submit Post-award Reports CLOSEOUT GRANTS

  5. Status

  6. Overview of Status • Status allows Signing Officials, Principal Investigators, and their delegates to perform a number of functions, which are based on the role(s) associated with their Commons account. • Track the status of grant applications through the submission process • View applications, Notices of Award, and other key documents • Perform several post-submission and post-award functions Status is your link to the action!

  7. Status Views—PI and SO Principal Investigators can view their Recent/Pending eSubmissionsor List of Applications/Grants. Signing Officials can search for/view all submissions for their institution.

  8. Status Result—General Search Screen Select the Application ID link to view detailed status information for that particular application.

  9. Review Info on Status Information Screen Primary Institute or Center assignment Study Section assignment Key contact information

  10. Review Outcome on Status Information Screen Only the PI can view Summary Statement, Priority Score and Percentile information.

  11. Hands-on Exercise: Accessing eRA Commons • 1. Click on the eRA Commons Demo shortcut on your computer’s desktop. If the short is unavailable, enter the following URL into an internet browser: • eRA Commons Demo (non-production environment): • 2. Your handouts include a PI’s username and password. Enter the username and password into the appropriate fields under Commons Login. • Note: eRA Commons Password is case-sensitive.

  12. Hands-on Exercise: Status • 1. Identify a grant on your Status Result – List of Applications Search results list. Click on the Grant Number link in the Application ID column. • 2. Locate the link for application. Click on the link to view the application.

  13. Just-in-Time (JIT)

  14. Overview of Just-in-Time (JIT) • The JIT feature allows an applicant organization to submit additional grant application information after the completion of the peer review, and prior to funding. • Applicants should never submit JIT info until specifically requested to do so by NIH. A JIT link or request from NIH are not indications that a grant award will be made. • Other Support File, Budget Upload, Other Upload, Institutional Review Board (IRB) Date, Human Subject Education • PD/PI can save info in Commons, but only SO can submit JIT info to NIH • Must be PDF format

  15. Overview of Just-in-Time (JIT) • NEW POLICY FOR JUST IN TIME! • New Electronic Submission Policy: • Applicants are required to submit their information using the JIT feature of the eRA Commons at least 60 days before the applicant’s proposed project period start date (or sooner if requested by the IC). If the requested JIT information is not submitted, funding may be delayed and the Project Director(s)/Principal Investigator(s) and Signing Official may be contacted directly requesting prompt submission of timely information.   • See Guide Notice NOT-OD-12-101 •

  16. JIT Link on Status Result Screen (SO View) Select JIT link.

  17. Just-in-Time (JIT) Screen (PI View) • Other Support documentation is required. It is provided in a PDF attachment. Use the Import button to begin the upload. IRB approval date should be within the last 12 months.

  18. Hands-on Exercise: Just-in-Time • 1. Identify a grant on your Status results list with a JIT link in the Action column. Click on the JIT link. • 2. Upload the Other Support File provided in the Workshop Computers folder on your desktop. • 3. Upload the Budget Upload file provided in the Workshop Computers folder on your desktop. • 4. Provide a date in the IRB Date field. Remember that the date must be within the past 12 months. • 5. Provide some text in the Human Subject Education field. Click Save.

  19. Notice of Award (NoA)

  20. Status—Notice of Award (NoA) • The Notice of Award is the official document notifying the grantee and others that a grant has been awarded. The NoA: • Contains or refers to all terms and conditions of the grant • Is posted in the Other Relevant Documents section of the Status Information page (after searching for a grant application, click the Accession Number in the Application ID column to access Status Information) Follow Latest NOA link to access document.

  21. No-Cost Extension

  22. Overview of No-Cost Extension (NCE) • Grantee organizations have a one-time authority to extend, without additional funding, the final budget period of a project period of a grant. • The NCE feature in Commons allows organizations to submit an electronic notification to the agency that they have exercised this one-time authority. • Only SOs can submit the NCE notification • May be submitted no earlier than 90 days before end of project and no later than project end date • Can request extension of 1-12 months, in one-month increments

  23. Extension Link in Status Signing Officials only—Select the Extension hyperlink from the Action column of the Status Result—General Search results list.

  24. Extension Screen On the Extension screen, choose an extension of 1 to 12 months. Note: In Fall 2011, NIH will be mandating the use of the Commons No-Cost Extension feature to submit an extension request! Watch for a guide notice to be released soon.

  25. Progress Reports (eSNAP & RPPR)

  26. Overview of eSNAP • Grantee organizations have a one-time authority to extend, without additional funding, the final budget period of a project period of a grant. • The NCE feature in Commons allows organizations to submit an electronic notification to the agency that they have exercised this one-time authority. • Commons e SNAP feature mandatory for submission of 2590 progress reports • Notice of Award indicates whether grant award is eSNAP-eligibile • Can request extension of 1-12 months, in one-month increments

  27. Upcoming Transition to RPPR • The NIH progress reports will transition to the federal-wide Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR). A new RPPR feature in Commons will replace the eSNAP feature. • Will be used for all SNAP and non-SNAP awards • Limited pilot in April 2012 • Fields will pre-populate when possible • NIH-specific instructions will be marked with HHS logo (as in Application Guide) • Special NIH reporting requirements will be requested in Special Reporting Requirements section Stay tuned for updates!

  28. eSNAP Functions & Roles

  29. eSNAP—Grant List • The eSNAP Grant List: • Displays all of your grants • Hyperlinked grant numbers are eSNAP eligible • Displays the Due Date, Status, and Current Reviewer • OVERDUE will display in Due Date column if overdue Select Grant Number to access the eSNAP Menu.

  30. Manage eSNAP—eSNAP Menu • Manage eSNAP, also known as eSNAP Menu screen, displays list of available functions and Status of Completion. Status of Completion shows the completion status of each page of the eSNAP. This is an optional tool and does not need to be completed in order to submit the eSNAP report.

  31. eSNAP—Upload Science • The Upload Science tab is used to import and upload information (PDF files) associated with the progress report, including the: • Progress Report File: • Brief presentation of the accomplishments on the research project during the reporting period • Research Accomplishments File: • Only provide if specifically directed by the Program Officer • Other File: • Place to upload additional information, such as a biographical sketch for new senior/key personnel • Cover Letter file: • Not required but can be provided if necessary • Citations/Publications (from link to My NCBI system)

  32. eSNAP—Upload Science Progress Report File is required. Click Import to upload file. Use Browse button to locate file and Upload File button to include in eSNAP report. Files section updated.

  33. My NCBI | eRA Commons Linked • Commons is linked to the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s My NCBI system. Inside My NCBI, users can store their publications and other authored works in the My Bibliography section. For this data to appear in Commons, it must be uploaded to/saved in My NCBI. • Citation data saved in My NCBI appears in Commons Personal Profile (PPF) and eSNAP Upload Science screens. • Users must link Commons account to My NCBI account

  34. Upload Science—Publications Upload Science screen shows citations that can be associated with an eSNAP report. This includes citations that a user has entered into My NCBI / My Bibliography.

  35. eSNAP—Edit Business • From the Edit Business tab, users can access the following screens: • Organization Information: • Contains items such as Project Title, Contact PI name/contact information, etc. • Project/Performance Sites: • A primary site must be selected and a DUNS number provided for that site • All Personnel: • List all personnel who participate in the project during the current budget period for at least 1 person month or more • Research Subject: • Information about the involvement of human subjects and live vertebrate animals • SNAP and Other Progress Report Questions and Checklist

  36. Edit Business—Org. Info Pulled from Institution Profile. Pulled from Personal Profile/ Employments/Preferred Address. Drop-down lists include all AOs and SOs at institution.

  37. Edit Bus.—Project/Performance Site List Additional sites can be entered manually. Click to Save entry. First Performance Site listed is pulled from Institution Profile.

  38. Edit Business—All Personnel List If person has Commons ID, you can choose to Pre-populate from Profile.

  39. Edit Business—Research Subject 2000 character limit on text

  40. SNAP and Other Progress Report Questions & Checklist • List of questions about: • Changes in other support and level of effort for Senior/Key personnel • Unobligated balances • Changes in select agent research • Change in multi-PD/PI leadership plan • Change in HESC used • Inventions and patents • Program income • Facilities and administrative costs • “Yes” answers require explanation.

  41. Edit Business—Inclusion Enrollment Inclusion Enrollment Report Table must be completed for each study.

  42. Completing the eSNAP • Once all the eSNAP sections are complete… • If the SO has delegated authority to submit, the PI can submit the eSNAP to the agency. • If not, the PI can route the eSNAP to the SO and the SO can submit.

  43. Research Performance Progress Report - RPPR • Federal-wide research performance progress report (RPPR) • Mandated by OMB and OSTP, after many years of development under the Research Business Models Subcommittee • Standardizes information required by federal agencies • Goal to reduce administrative burden on grantees •

  44. RPPR – NIH Implementation Plan • Commitment to implement solely in an electronic format • RPPR will replace: • PHS 2590 Non-competing Continuation Progress Report • eSNAP module in the eRA Commons • PHS 416-9 National Research Service Award Individual Fellowship Progress Report for Continuation Support • NIH implementation will include other PHS agencies: • Food and Drug Administration • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  45. Administrative Supplement • Two Pilot Processes for Submitting Administrative Supplement Requests Electronically to NIH • Reference NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-12-024 • • If the parent award has transitioned to electronic submission, institutions may: • (A) electronically submit using the SF424 (R&R) Application Forms and, or • (B) electronically submit using the streamlined submission process of eRA Commons.

  46. Administrative Supplements - Commons Starting an Administrative Supplement in Commons you must find eligible grant and Initiate Request

  47. Administrative Supplements - Commons Complete Form – Required Fields are indicated with red asterisk

  48. Administrative Supplements - Commons For each Budget Period you will be able to enter different sections: Personnel, Equipment, Travel, Participant/Trainee, Other Direct, Total F&A (Indirect) Costs Total Requested will be calculated automatically

  49. Administrative Supplements – Resources • eRA Commons Administrative Supplement Module User Guide • • Administrative Supplements (Type 3s) Frequently Asked Questions •

  50. Federal Financial Report (FFR)