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EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT WITHIN A SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY. April, 2012. Bloomberg’s Sustainability Strategy is to redefine what it means to be a ‘sustainable business’. We have pursued several broad goals as part of this mission Reduce our energy, emissions, waste and water consumption

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Presentation Transcript
bloomberg s sustainability strategy is to redefine what it means to be a sustainable business
Bloomberg’s Sustainability Strategy is to redefine what it means to be a ‘sustainable business’
    • We have pursued several broad goals as part of this mission
      • Reduce our energy, emissions, waste and water consumption
      • Improve operating margins and risk management
      • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders to maximize value for participants
      • Integrate environmental considerations throughout the Company’s operations
      • Influence Behavioral Change at work and at home
  • Strong senior leadership support and engagement differentiate us
      • Our owner and senior management are well educated in sustainability issues
      • Bloomberg’s unique market role creates an opportunity (responsibility) to lead
      • Community service and Philanthropic giving lie at the core of the Company’s culture

Our mission and goals reflect a concept of sustainability as a material determinant of a well run company


We developed a framework to evaluate opportunities and determine investment attractiveness

Environmental Benefits

Financial Benefits

Company Fit


  • Measures impact on the environment from BLP’s business operations.
  • Measures financial impact of the change to the company.
  • Measures the extent to which the change fits with the overall BLP culture.
  • Carbon emissions equivalents
  • Non-biodegradable solid waste
  • Toxic waste
  • Water usage
  • Deforestation
  • Impact on plant life, animal life land resources (e.g. strip mining)
  • Incremental operating expense (one time and recurring)
  • Incremental capital expenditures
  • Incremental FTE resources required
  • Operating expense savings
  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • NPV (Net Present Value)
  • Payback period
  • Fit with perception of BLP as a progressive company
  • Impact on employee satisfaction
  • Impact on employee interaction / shape culture (hard working, passionate, customer-centric, intuitive, etc.)

Specific Indicators



The framework enabled Bloomberg to identify and execute high value projects with multiple benefits

Notable Achievements

Avoided equivalent of one year of emissions from operations

  • Released The Sustainability Edge in May, Bloomberg’s first public sustainability report. We achieved a B+ rating from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and a glowing review from the Corporate Register titled “Bloomberg: A paragon of what they preach”.
  • With Markets Magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek FSC certified, Bloomberg is the only multimedia company in the world with 100% of its portfolio to be sustainably produced.
  • By 2012, nearly 50% of our colleagues will work in certified LEED officesaround the world
  • Ground broken on Solar Array at Skillman campus in 2011. Project will generate 2.8M kWh, approximately 58% of Building 100’s annual electricity consumption.



Regional Projects:


Project distribution by Department


during this time we ve continued to learn and extend our efforts beyond operations
During this time, we’ve continued to learn and extend our efforts beyond operations

Philanthropic Activity

Product Development

  • Leveraging Bloomberg’s core strengths to develop products that accelerate solutions to environmental challenges and successful business opportunities for Bloomberg

Collaborating with and supporting NGOs driving sustainability standard setting , disclosure and market development through voluntary, multi stakeholder efforts

  • Grants
    • -Provided grants in partnership with customers to environmental organizations to improve environmental data for financial integration
  • Sponsorship
    • -Support for sustainability events and initiatives that bring together finance, industry governments and non-profits to address environmental challenges
  • BOB
    • Identify and co-deliver targeted sustainability specific volunteer programs for employees in multiple locations to educate and engage them in areas important to Bloomberg
  • ESG Data
    • -created environmental, social and governance data sets to provide better insight into how companies are managed ‘beyond financials’
  • BNEF Acquisition
    • -added leading clean energy and carbon market research and information provider into Bloomberg suite of products
  • Sustainability website
    • will launch a sustainability channel on Bloomberg.com covering related issues to inform and hold the interest of the C-suite
these efforts have garnered attention globally and positioned us as a leader in sustainability
These efforts have garnered attention globally and positioned us as a leader in Sustainability

"Every Wall Street analyst has a Bloomberg and looks at it every day," says Adam Kanzer, of Domini Social Investments. "Analysts are going to say, 'If Bloomberg thinks this is important, maybe I ought to be paying attention.' "

“ESG is here to stay,” adds Curtis Ravenel, head of global sustainability initiatives at Bloomberg. “The lack of this data is a fundamental market externality that the market needs to internalise.”

Bloomberg: A paragon of what they preach

By William D Alessandro on August 02, 2011 at 2:32pm.


In April 2009 Emil Efthimides, the manager of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data for Bloomberg L.P., joined a panel at a conference in San Francisco to promote a new product. His financial data services company was adding sustainability metrics to the real-time corporate profiles accessed by the 300,000-odd subscribers to Bloomberg’s computer terminals. More than 100 ESG measures and ratios would be available on their screens at no extra charge.

Only about one in 10 of Bloomberg’s customers factored ESG criteria into their investment decisions. Now at least they could see the information, Efthimides said.

“Grauer recalled Ravenel pitching the ESG product with his colleagues Gary Turkel and Alex Clode to Doctoroff and himself. ‘They presented it directly to Dan and me at about seven o’clock on a Friday night, and we immediately said, ‘let’s do it’”

Curtis Ravenel’s Bloomberg terminal had a flashing email message from the President of the company, Dan Doctoroff. Curtis was scheduled to meet with Doctoroff and Chairman and CEO Peter Grauer later that day. Doctoroff’s email expressed concern about the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance investment analysis tools that Curtis and colleagues had spent the past year developing. ESG metrics are used to try and evaluate important intangible or “extra financial” issues - like human capital, risk management, brand, carbon exposure and capacity for innovation - that cannot be accounted for with pure financial analysis.

“Pop some corks. Your first-time report surpasses what few others have accomplished after many tries. “

a robust employee engagement campaign aligns with the broader sustainability strategy of the firm
A robust employee engagement campaign aligns with the broader sustainability strategy of the firm

New Markets

Risk Mgmt / Analytics

Supply Chain






New Customers


Brand/ Reputational



Enhanced Content

Community Engagement/



Building the Brand



& Transparency

“Develop a robust employee engagement campaign that influences behavioral change at work AND at home”– Peter Grauer, Bloomberg Chairman







& E-Waste

Green Building & Energy Efficiency

Education /



Impact reduction



Operating Cost


Revenue Generation

highlighting 5 areas of bloomberg s success in engaging their employees on sustainability
Highlighting 5 areas of Bloomberg’s success in engaging their employees on Sustainability
  • Action
  • Engagement
  • Impact
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Quarterly Campaigns
  • Global Squads
  • Earth Day
  • Active engagement
  • Early engagement
  • Provide visibility to emerging sustainability issues
  • Employees volunteer to help in satellite offices
  • Raising awareness
  • Give your employees something to do
  • Every new hire is introduced to our sustainability efforts on day 1
  • Introduces the conversation; provide employees with a toolkit for more sustainable life style choices
  • Develop a program that is more regionally appropriate across markets
  • A day to celebrate the Earth; rather than lecturing on how to preserve it
  • Shift from listening to actions

Employees need a broad suite of engagement activities that encourage a shift towards sustainable living

new hire orientation
New Hire Orientation
  • On the first day of working at Bloomberg, employees are exposed to our sustainability efforts at New Hire Orientation
  • Since 2007 Bloomberg has on-boarded 3,750 new employees
    • 15 Minute presentation of Bloomberg’s commitment across community, operations & products
    • Provide instructions on how to properly separate trash within the office (landfill, paper, recycling & composting)
    • Encouraged to visit internal website – BGREEN <GO>
    • Entice them with special offers and discounts that have been negotiated on their behalf – Zipcar, Fresh Direct, etc.
quarterly campaigns
Quarterly campaigns
  • Every quarter Bloomberg launches a new campaign around a sustainability topic, providing our employees with:
    • Background on the issue
    • A toolkit for reducing personal environmental impact
    • Examples of how the issue affects Bloomberg’s day to day operations and steps that Bloomberg is taking to mitigate them
  • Previous Campaign Topics
  • Food
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Sustainable Consumption
  • Transportation
  • Campaigns typically consist of one or more of the following engagement activities:
  • A revised look and feel to our intranet site
  • A global contest
  • Weekly blog entries
  • A video
  • Lunch and learns
    • NGO’s
    • Internal business leaders
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Local agencies
global squads
Global Squads
  • Squad Offices
  • New Jersey (2)
  • Washington DC
  • San Francisco
  • Sao Paulo
  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Dubai
  • Mumbai
  • Tokyo
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Squads members are an interdisciplinary group made up of footprint departments (operations) and non-footprint departments (sales/news)
    • Specific roles and responsibilities
      • Conduct new hire orientation in small offices
      • Answer questions about program & waste disposal
      • Contribute to the blog, encourage contest participation
      • Lead on active participation initiatives
    • Rewarded by Sustainability team
      • Forums with Chairman during business trips
      • Group lunches
      • Dinners with Sustainability Team

In order to tap into the pulse of the Company and be sensitive to regional differences across our global footprint, Bloomberg has developed 13 BGREEN Squads to help us identify local projects, appropriate communications styles and speakers that resonate with our major offices around the world.

earth day
Earth Day

Earth Day 2012: Blue Planet


  • Over 50% of the world’s population lives within 50 miles of the coast
  • Ocean and coastal tourism generates $60 billion annually


  • 90% of all traded goods are transported on the water
  • Wetlands around the world provide goods and services to people worth an estimated US$70 billion a year
  • Food
  • Around 20% of human’s consumption of animal protein comes from the sea
  • Around 80% of the water we drink is evaporated from our waterways


  • 80% of all life is found beneath the ocean
  • The oceans have absorbed 80% of heat produced by climate change

Everyday, we’re encouraging employees to BGREEN.

Sometimes we just need to stop and take it all in, to remember why we’re doing it.

Earth Day is that day, the chance to celebrate our planet.

active engagement
Active Engagement

Employee CSA

PC Sleep Program

Internal BGREEN Blog

E-Waste Collection Drives

As sustainability begins to weave its way into the culture of the organization; its important to actively engage your employees. Four examples of active engagement are as follows:



April, 2012

The results of our engagement strategy have been beneficial to the firm, to our employees and to our culture
  • Awareness of the BGREEN program is very high; 87% across the firm
  • Nearly 70% of the firm believes that sustainability is a core part of our firm’s culture and has a positive effect on their employee satisfaction
  • In both the workplace and at home, respondents perceive themselves as advocates for sustainability
  • Earth Day and Attend Lunch & Learnsprograms are the activities most likely to be recommended to colleagues
  • Respondents indicated low awareness of Bloomberg businesses’ sustainability involvement
  • Respondents are unsure whether Bloomberg influences sustainability awareness and initiatives among its customers
additional information on bloomberg s sustainability effots
Additional Information on Bloomberg’s Sustainability Effots

Download our Sustainability Report:www.bloomberg.com/bsustainable

Email Bloomberg Sustainability


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