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Employee Engagement PowerPoint Presentation
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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

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Employee Engagement

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  1. Employee Engagement

  2. Why is employee engagement important? • Employee Engagement is a measurable degree of an employee's positive or negative emotional attachment to their job, colleagues, and organization that profoundly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work • Thus, research shows that employee engagement has a distinct, correlational effect on the success of an organization

  3. How are Internal Communications and Employee Engagement connected? Internal Communication High Employee Engagement Increased Performance

  4. Where are we?

  5. “I thought it was a great opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives, and also a chance to be a part of something big from the early stages. I can say that that I’ve never worked at a company where every single person is so clearly focused on a single goal.”

  6. “The Exact Sciences Solution” Mgmt Team Clinical Operations R&D Commercial Cologuard

  7. Where are we headed?

  8. The EXAS Team Mgmt Team Clinical Operations R&D Commercial Cologuard

  9. Focus on the Intranet • Lacked a relative purpose • Contained outdated information • Was not being used

  10. What do employees really want?

  11. Generating Employee Engagement on the Intranet Job postings section Daily headline posting Daily trivia question Live chat function Regular updates and employee profiles More regular user activity including discussion forums and increased page views

  12. Reactions? • Positive feedback from the focus group • TRIVIA: pulled users in • HEADLINES: make our mission realistic, relevant to outside world • JOB POSTINGS: appreciate that internal employees are finally being notified when new opportunities arise • CHAT FUNCTION: great resource, but should be more utilized

  13. Metrics • Beginning usage: • 17 employees/ 1 poll question • Timeframe: ~3 months • Improved data: • Average of 22 employees answering daily poll questions • Range from 15 to 31 employees/day

  14. Future

  15. Intranet • Continue Employee Profiles • Stay on track with weekly updates • Stronger partnership with QTI to form a solid HR base for employees to refer to • Author FAQ “sessions” when big changes are implemented or for processes that employees have difficulty understanding • Try to begin department blog posts

  16. Employee Development • Product development seems to be key, as opposed to employee development • “Sometimes, we are referred to as ‘resources’ instead of people... Its like, hi, my name is _______, I am a person.” • Through increased and properly planned communication from managers to their staff, employees will feel more like valuable members of an inclusive team. • Uncertainty surrounding job security can be addressed • Job performance will never plateau because you know how hard/much harder you must work to attain job success

  17. Annual Evaluations • Only the employee’s direct supervisor is evaluating • Employees at Exact wear multiple hats, and are therefore, performing tasks for a variety of people/departments • Issuing a multi-source assessment, asking for feedback from an employee’s subordinates, peers, supervisors, and self, might be a more rewarding, truthful, and eye-opening practice • Open up from the 3-point scale to a value scale to add a layer of granularity

  18. Onboarding • As Exact Sciences grows, it will be important to fully engage new hires, to ensure full, active, aware participation in the brand. This can be accomplished through: • Accommodation • Assimilation • Acceleration • Can be achieved through proper implementation of prior suggestions

  19. Thank you