bell ringers survey of literature
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Bell Ringers Survey of Literature

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Bell Ringers Survey of Literature - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bell Ringers Survey of Literature. Week 5 Quarter 3. multi plicity (adj) Holding firmly/ presistent. Monday , February 25. multi tude (n) A large number of things or people. multi cultural (adj) Many cultures. -multi= many/ much. multi ped (adj) Having many feet. multifaceted (adj)

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Presentation Transcript
multiplicity (adj)

Holding firmly/ presistent

Monday , February 25

multitude (n)

A large number of things or people

multicultural (adj)

Many cultures

-multi= many/ much

multiped (adj)

Having many feet

multifaceted (adj)

Having different talents

Write your own sentence using one of the words

Multifarious (adj)

Having many parts

tenement (n)

An overcrowded apartment complex holding many people

Tuesday , February 26

impertinent (n)

Not having any importance

tenacity (adj)

Holding firmly/ presistant

-ten/ tain/tin= to have, hold, grasp


To keep someone from leaving

Tenant (noun)

A person who holds or occupies a dwelling place

Write your own sentence using one of the words

discontent (adj)

Not having any happiness

precedence (noun)

A status established in order of importance or urgency.

Wednesday , February 27

Predetermine (v)

To decide in advance

precedent (n)

A previous act or instance

-pre - before

Precondition (n)

A condition that must come before

precocious (adj)

development of mind and/or body before one's age.

Write your own sentence using one of the words

precognition (adj)

Knowing ahead of time

recur (adj)

To happen again

Thursday , February 28


To make someone feel young again

resonate (v)

To sound again

-re= back/backward again

Repugnant (adj)


reluctant (adj)

Not eager to do something again

Write your own sentence using one of the words


Lacking confidence or faith

Friday , February 29


To deprive of life or spirit

Disreputable (adj)

Lacking respectability in character or behavior

-dis/di/dif – apart, away, to lack

discombobulate (verb)

To throw into a state of confusion

disparage (verb)

To ridicukle

Write your own sentence using one of the words


To lack agreement