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Bell Ringers

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Bell Ringers. 4EH QUARTER Blue 1. Bell Ringer #46. 1 . Us liked the hole collection of animals him showed us 2 . We seen frogs snakes lizards and turtles. 3 . d idja see the frog jump of the table 4 . The frog it landed on sues desk!. Bell Ringer #47.

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bell ringers

Bell Ringers


Blue 1

bell ringer 46
Bell Ringer #46

1. Us liked the hole collection of animals him showed us

2. We seen frogs snakes lizards and turtles.

3. didja see the frog jump of the table

4. The frog it landed on sues desk!

bell ringer 47
Bell Ringer #47

1. Mr burr he work for a group called earth watch

2. We meeted he on the football field that day.

3. mrheavans he give us a science test.

4. The test were on plants wed readedabot.

bell ringer 48
Bell Ringer #48

1. yes the test was a pop quiz

2. Sum students werent ready for the quiz

3. Mary said That test were a surprize!

4. Our teacher telled us to study.

bell ringer 49
Bell Ringer #49

1. Jim and I said we studied alot last night

2. igessmary watched television instead of studing.

3. We taked the test rite after lunch

4. jennifer john and me thot it be easy!

bell ringer 50
Bell Ringer #50

Ryan’s Weekend

Do you no Ryan did last weekend. He went to the beach with his family. First, Ryan builded a huge sand castle. Then, he collect seashells and rocks After that, he goed swimming with his brother. Ryan has a wonderful time at the beach.

bell ringer 51
Bell Ringer #51

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday Erica whent two a pumpkin patch with her family. she picked out a huge, orange pumpkin to tak home It weighed ovr 15 pounds? Erica stumbled as she were carrying it to the car. Do you know what happened next. She dropped it pumpkin and it splattered all ovr the grownd. Erica yelled, Oh no!

bell ringer 53
Bell Ringer #53

Candy Shop

Jennifer Megan and Sarah whent to the candy shop. Jennifer bought a small bocks of fudge. Sarah paid fifty sents for a bag of jellybeans. Megan bought sum Twizzlers. The grls all walked to the park where they eated their candy.

bell ringer 54
Bell Ringer #54

Miniature Golf

Phil Matthew, and Andrew played miniature golf. On the first hole, Phil got a hole-in-one! At another hole, Matthew's Ball went into the water The best golfur of the day was Andrew who finished with a score of 28. Everyone had a grate time

bell ringer 55
Bell Ringer #55


i went camping with my family. We whent fishing and I caught a big fish. I also whent Swimming with my brother. We hade a camp fire every night. The camping trip was lots of fun

bell ringer 56
Bell Ringer #56

Hannah’s Halloween Scare

Hannah wanted to scare her liddle brother. First, she put on a green frankenstein mask. Then, she hided behind the couch and waited for her brother too come home. When he waked in the door, Hannah jumped outfrom behind the couch and yelled, Boo! Hannahs brother didnt jump. He didn’t evan look scared at all. He just smiled and said “Oh, hello Hannah.”

bell ringer 57
Bell Ringer #57

Laura's Swimming Pool

Rachael went to Lauras house to swim in the pool. First, Rachael and Laura swimmed around underwater. Than, rachael went down the water slide. After that, Lauras dog jumped in the pool. Finally, Laura and Rachael got out of the pool and drank Lemonade.

bell ringer 58
Bell Ringer #58

Street Hockey

Michael, Joey, justin, and Adam played street hocky. Thay all put on roller blades and divided into to teams. Michael and Joey’s team score three goals. Justin and Adam’s team scored five goal. everyone had a great tyme!

bell ringer 59
Bell Ringer #59

Spaghetti Dinner

last night my father mad us a spaghetti dinner. He macks the best meatballs in the world! I ate lots of spaghetti. My brother spill sauce on his white shirt. Whee all laughed. I love when My dad makes spaghetti

bell ringer 60
Bell Ringer #60

Cleaning Up

One day i help my next-door neighbor clean up his backyard we raked and put leaves in blue bags to recycle tham. then we sawed some branches off of a tree that was leaning againt the hous After we worked in the yard all afternoon, we sat down on his bak porch and had lemonade I felt good that day because Ihelped my neighbor.

bell ringer 61
Bell Ringer #61

Anthony Visits Nick

On sunday, Anthony went over to Nicks house to play basketball. They played a gam of one-on-one. Anthony made six baskets, bute nick made eight Nick was the winner. After the game, both boys whent in side to have some snack’s and watch television.

bell ringer 62
Bell Ringer #62

Fish Tank

I have a really cool fish tank lots of excitin things inside. There is guppies, tetras, and a tiny shark inside. Also, their are three snail that climb up the glass walls. They eate the green algae and keep the tank clean A frog named flipper also live in the tank, but he usually hide under the rocks. It’s fun to watch all the different creatures in mi tank.

bell ringer 63
Bell Ringer #63

Pet Shop

Nick and Jess and Monica went to the pet store. Nick bot a big bag food for his dog. Jess looked at the turtles and sade, I wish I could take one home! Monica was feeding crackers to scarlet, a red parrot that talked. Before they left, everybuddy went over to play wiff the tiny kittens.

bell ringer 64
Bell Ringer #64

Find ten capitalization errors and five spelling errors in the letter below. Rewrite the letter with the errors corrected.

deer Student,

Welcom to my Class and to Charlotte Cove

middle school. Like you, i’m looking forward

to an Exiting year togehter. To help me get to

know you, please write a letter telling me a

bit about Yourself. Hand in final draft by next



Mr. Klepp

bell ringer 65
Bell Ringer #65

Read the following groups of words. Write S if it is a sentence.Write F if it is a fragment.

1. Kim took her driver’s test yesterday.

2. She failed.

3. Will take it again next month.

4. She is extremely disappointed.

5. Practice makes perfect.

6. Making left-hand turns.

bell ringer 66
Bell Ringer #66

Turn the following fragments into sentences.

1. the chicken in your salad

2. from one place to another

3. the soccer ball in the goal

4. with my mother

5. to pick up some milk

bell ringer 67
Bell Ringer #67

Read the following sentences. Rewrite those that contain double negatives so that they contain only one negative.

1. You don’t need no shoes.

2. We never catch nothing when we go fishing.

3. Nobody ignored the fire alarm when it sounded.

4. We didn’t have none of the new uniforms for our game.

5. There’s hardly any time left for questions.

bell ringer 68
Bell Ringer #68
  • the iditarod starts on the first saturday in march each year

2. mushers train they’re dogs all year long

3. the iditarod trail goes from anchorage to nome

4. would you like to go to alaska and watch the start of the iditarod

5. the dogs pull the sled from anchorage to nome