highway traffic simulation
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Highway Traffic Simulation

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Highway Traffic Simulation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Highway Traffic Simulation. CS 395: Projects with NetLogo Final Project. Problem.

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highway traffic simulation

Highway Traffic Simulation

CS 395: Projects with NetLogo

Final Project


STANDING WAVE: a "rubbernecker slowdown" ...without rubberneckers! Traffic-waves need not drift backwards. Sometimes they sit in one place. Once this type of traffic wave is established, it can last nearly forever. New cars MUST slow down as they enter, and that's what makes the wave persist. You cannot dissolve the slowdown by accelerating out at the end, since you're still blocked by the driver ahead of you.


Bring a huge space in as you approach it. This temporarily cuts off the flow of incoming cars which feeds it and keeps it alive. A single driver can easily erase a small slowdown.

how a user can help dissolve a traffic jam
How a user can help dissolve a traffic jam

Android cars: Black

Human Car: Green

Size of traffic wave is reduced while cars behind user follow at regular intervals without crowding.

User slows down while approaching jam creating empty space ahead of him.

plot observations
Plot observations

Single carefully controlled car brings down extent of traffic jams.

Plot without any human intervention