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Protection of Modern Agriculture Risk PowerPoint Presentation
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Protection of Modern Agriculture Risk

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Protection of Modern Agriculture Risk - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Protection of Modern Agriculture Risk
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  1. Protection of Modern Agriculture Risk YanhuaGao General Manager of the agricultural insurance department in Ping An Property and Casualty Insurance Company of China, Ltd.

  2. The current situation of traditional agriculture in China • Lag in Management and production technology • Household contract, production unit structure is single • Retail operations, scattered and small-scale production • Self-sufficiency, regional production is difficult to form • Farming technology, low level of large mechanization • Weak in commodity economy, poor ability of withstanding disasters • Based on the production of agricultural products is based on meeting the survival needs ,rarely enter into the circulation of commodities • Low level of regionalization production, difficult reunification of production technology, uneven in product quality, weak in bargaining power • Weak in modern production techniques, irrigation and flood control capacity, high energy consumption in per unit yield

  3. 2. The development trends of modern agriculture in some areas • The socialization of modern agricultural production • Widely used in industrial equipment, agricultural production benefits from mechanization, electrification and information technology • Promotion of agricultural science and technology, to improve the quality of the products by soil improvement, breeding and cultivation techniques • Modern enterprise management, organized production and sales, to promote the integration of agriculture, industry and commerce • The chance of modern agriculture • Efficient and organized production to meet strong demand for high-end agricultural products • The support of national policy, and the general trend of development of agricultural modernization

  4. 3. The beginning of Chinese modern agriculture …… Economic benefits maximization Productionenvironmentecologicalization Organize production in large-scale Operation patterns marketization Clarify minds development of industrial chain Variety Breeding—Cultivation Management——Process、Classify、Increment—Logistics Distribution—Marketing Network Insurance farmers Development patterns and trends company Multiple financial supporting Banking The improvement of productivity boosting the development of industry, regional pillar industries and farmers share the benefits.

  5. 4. Modern agricultural disaster risk Transportation and Storage Quality of Products • Safety of fresh fruits transportation • Safety of product storage • Quality of agricultural products Analyzing and listing of risks • Rainstorm、Flood、Waterlogging • Wind Damage • Hail Damage • Frozen • Fire • Debris Flow • Explosion • Landslide Meteorological Disaster Accident

  6. 5.Ping An provides overall risk management and financial supporting Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd Insurance Ping An Life Ping An P&C Ping An Health Ping An Annuity Ping An Hong Kong Title Banking Ping An Bank Investment Ping An Trust Ping An Securities Ping An Asset Management Ping An Overseas Holdings Ping An Asset Management(Hong Kong)Co.Ltd Sharing Platform Ping An Technology Ping An Processing & Technology Ping An Channel

  7. Innovative Development Serve Diligently Technological Supports Management Ideas Multiple Finance 6. Ping An AI give the supportion for agricultural chain development With the help of accurate positioning underwriting technology,achieve fix-point and quick response services. Constructing GIS platform , accurate positioning underwriting objects , integrating with the weather forecast function , supporting fix-point meteorological disaster. Supporting agricultural industrialization , developing featured AI products 、product quality bond insurance and yield insurance. With the help of agricultural insurance , Ping An integrating with banking resources, offering multiple finance services for modern agricultural companies.

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