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Molly Flynn ELED 310 Art Projects Power POint PowerPoint Presentation
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Molly Flynn ELED 310 Art Projects Power POint

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Molly Flynn ELED 310 Art Projects Power POint - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Molly Flynn ELED 310 Art Projects Power POint
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  1. Molly Flynn ELED 310 Art Projects Power POint

  2. Design • Name

  3. Design • Name To make my name design I used a piece of black construction paper and cut the corners off to make an interesting shape. I then chose bright colors to contrast with the dark background. I placed the letters of my name onto a diamond like shape that complemented the chopped off corners of the background paper. I could use this an elementary classroom at the beginning of the year as a get to know you lesson.

  4. Adinkra Cloth

  5. Adinkra Cloth To make my adinkra cloth I cut up a rectangular piece of a pale yellow sheet. I then used a butterfly stamp that I put in a rainbow ink pad and I stamped it on my cloth. I used a heart stamp and placed four hearts on my cloth. Between each heart I stamped three diamonds to connect the hearts together. My adinkra cloth could be used as a winter going away gift. You could give the cloth to a person going on a winter long journey, and the butterflies would remind them that they will be coming back in the spring. Each heart represents a person in the family. The diamonds that connect the hearts together will remind the person going on the journey that even though they are far away they are still connected with all of their family members through their hearts. 

  6. Porthole Project

  7. Porthole Project To make my porthole I used a white piece of construction paper, I traced a circle with a big bowl, and a smaller inner circle with a smaller bowl. I then referred to pictures in a children's book about fish to draw my fish and jelly fish. I then colored the fish and the porthole with crayons, and then painted over the crayon and the remaining white space with blue, aqua, and teal paint. I would use this in a classroom when teaching the students a unit on the ocean or different types of animals.

  8. Constellation Painting

  9. Constellation Painting I chose to use the Cassiopeia constellation for my night time star painting.First I colored in the stars with a yellow crayon, then I painted the sky different shades of purple, blue, and pink. I could use this in an elementary classroom during a unit on outer space.

  10. Autumn Project

  11. Autumn Project To make my autumn project I brainstormed about different ideas that come to my mind when I think about autumn. Leaves and pumpkins were the two things that stuck out in my mind, so I decided to draw a tree and a pumpkin. Next, I used a die cut to form various colored leaves and clouds. I would use this art project in an elementary classroom as an introductory lesson about autumn.

  12. Amish Quilt

  13. Amish Quilt To make my Amish quilt I used dark colored felt and string. I used dark purple paint to write the words “The Amish” in the middle section. I then read the children’s book “Just Plain Fancy” by Patricia Polacco, and included the book in my quilt. Next, I selected seven different aspects about the Amish culture including clothing, homes, churches, work, fruit stands, farming, and transportation. I could use this in an elementary classroom during a social studies unit on different types of people and how they live.

  14. Hybrid Animal

  15. Hybrid Animal To make my hybrid animal sculpture I sketched out various different animals. I decided to choose a dog, a zebra, and a pig. A dog is an animal that can be found in a house, a zebra is a wild animal that can be found at the zoo, and a pig is an animal that can be found on a farm. I chose to make the dog portion of my animal yellow, the zebra portion black and white stripes, and the pig portion pink so all the colors would stand out. I could use this in an elementary classroom after reading the book “The Mixed Up Chameleon” by Eric Carle.

  16. Homophone Poster

  17. Homophone Poster To make my homophone poster I selected paintings and drawings that described the word I wanted to portray. I then outlined the pictures with glitter. I placed a triangle in each corner of each piece of construction paper to give the picture a frame. I could use this project in an elementary classroom during a unit on homophones.