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Power Point. Creating Professional Presentations. Important Ideas to Consider. Font size & type Use of graphics Background design Presentation as an enhancement. Keep it simple. Have a backup. Font Size. This is size 24. (Never smaller than this.) This is size 32. This is size 40.

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Power Point

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    1. Power Point Creating Professional Presentations

    2. Important Ideas to Consider • Font size & type • Use of graphics • Background design • Presentation as an enhancement. • Keep it simple. • Have a backup.

    3. Font Size • This is size 24. (Never smaller than this.) • This is size 32. • This is size 40. • This is size 48. • This is size 60.

    4. READ THESE STATEMENTS • SENIOR PROJECTS ARE DUE ON APRIL 12. YOU WILL SUCCEED AND HAVE A GREAT PRESENTATION WITH SUPERB KNOWLEDGE ON YOUR TOPIC. • Senior projects will have several due dates for different sections during the next 3 months. • Which of these statements is easier to read?

    5. Font Types—Sans-serif • Arial • Courier • Times New Roman • Palatino • Univers • Franklin Gothic Book

    6. Background color • Choose contrasting colors. • Light on dark or…

    7. Choosing Text Color • Or use dark text and light background. • Make sure you can see text easily. • Stand up and take six steps back from your presentation. Is it easily read?

    8. Graphics and Design • No more than 2 graphics per page. • No more than 4 colors on a chart. • Use the same background on all pages. • Graphics should enhance the presentation.

    9. Things to Avoid • Avoid more than 6 words per bullet. • Avoid more than 6 bullets. • Avoid auto timing your presentation. • Avoid complete sentences. • Avoid whole paragraphs. • Avoid noisy animations.

    10. Good Ideas • Use a different color to highlight. • Use only one transition to change slides. • Use the same background on each slide. • Use key words. • Use bulleted key words. • Align bullets to the left.

    11. General Presentation • Check spelling. • Face your audience. • Have bulleted items show one at a time. • Do not read your presentation. • Practice your presentation. • Have a backup.

    12. If You Are Having Trouble • Use the “Help” menu. • Ask a friend. • Ask your teacher. • Ask a librarian.

    13. Saving Your Presentationand Your Sanity Save in more than one place. Burn to a CD. Save to your “H” drive. To save from home: “File” “Save as” “Save as type”= PowerPoint 2003

    14. Good Luck! The Best Advice: Don’t procrastinate. Prepare your presentation early. Allow time to correct problems.

    15. Senior Project • Abstract • Title • History/Background • Current Situation • Current Practices • Recommendation • Appendix/References • Question and Answer

    16. Dress Requirements • You are expected to dress professionally for this presentation. • Males: Slacks, button up shirt (no Polo shirts), tie, dress shoes. Tuck in your shirt! Comb your hair! • Females: Skirt or slacks, dress shoes. No sandals or open toed shoes. • NO: Shorts, halter-tops, see through clothes, jeans, and baseball caps. • Panel members are very critical about dress. Dressing nice is an easy way to get points. • General rule of thumb: If you would wear it to school it probably isn’t dressy enough!

    17. The Speech • Attention getter — something that relates to your project and draws the attention of the audience immediately. It should be very brief (30 – 60 secs) Tell a story, cite a poem, ask a question, play a song on the instrument you just learned, show a skill, etc • Introduce yourself and your project • Discuss how/why you chose your topic • Explain your research and how it helped you • Discuss the process you went through to create the final product • Show the final product itself or pictures of it (if it is too big to bring in or attached to your home, yard, etc. • Demonstrate (if appropriate) – play your guitar, show a learned technique, etc • Explain what you learned from the process • Conclusion • Give specific examples from your project • If your project was photography and you researched subject, lighting, and aperture you would list those topics and then talk briefly about specific things that you learned with examples from your project. So, talk about a few specific things that you learned about framing the subject and show an example of a picture that you took that displays that technique. Then, talk specifically about some things that you learned about lighting then show a picture that displays that particular technique, and so on. • Reminder: Any visual and/or demonstration that is not narrated by you should be shown fora maximum of 3 minutes. • A word about practicing! • It is very important that you practice! practice! practice! The more that you practice the better that you will do. And you will be less stressed. Practice in front of the mirror, in the shower, in the car on the way to school.

    18. Senior Project • Students may use note cards if they really think they need them.  Actually, the PowerPoint is a giant note card.  Students need to make sure that they do not stand and read from their note cards. • Graphics including clipart needs to be cited on their PowerPoint.  Most of the students are taking clipart from Microsoft so that can get them started on their citation.  • Copy and paste your bibliography to a slide at the end of their presentation.  This font does not need to be large.