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Web Sites for Causes

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Web Sites for Causes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Web Sites for Causes . Arlyn Villaruz & IWDSA Dr. Ralph D. Westfall October, 2008 http://www.csupomona.edu/~rdwestfall/csbr.ppt. Initial Constraints. next slide has list of organizational problems or opportunities problems need to be solved inexpensively

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web sites for causes

Web Sites for Causes

Arlyn Villaruz & IWDSA

Dr. Ralph D. Westfall

October, 2008


initial constraints
Initial Constraints
  • next slide has list of organizational problems
    • or opportunities
  • problems need to be solved
    • inexpensively
    • with very limited technical skill requirements
some organizational problems
Some Organizational Problems
  • communicate with people scattered over a wide area
  • communicate better with local people
  • use additional ways of reaching people
  • create a unique product or experience for clients
  • get spouse a Valentine's day gift
generalize from examples
Generalize from Examples
  • the following examples came from my experiences as an educator
    • with non-profits and/or students
    • specific aspects should still fit many situations related to organizations or causes
communicate over a wide area
Communicate Over a Wide Area
  • a previous student has adrenal cancer
    • very rare so research funding is limited
  • problems
    • raise more money for research
    • provide emotional support for others
  • solutions
    • web site, petition (limited traffic)
    • Google AdWords; guestbook (after 7/2004)
communicate better with locals
Communicate Better with Locals
  • thrift shop in Bellflower, CA
  • problems
    • reach more people
    • help them find the store
  • solutions
    • Google: Local results, map
    • improved ranking in Google for affordabletreasures.org
additional funding opportunities
Additional Funding Opportunities
  • thrift shop in Long Beach, CA
  • problems
    • merchandise arriving faster than selling
    • selling some items for lot less than worth
  • solution: eBay already has technology
    • sales outlet
    • source of pricing information
unique experience for clients
Unique Experience for Clients
  • my senior level classes at Cal Poly
  • problems
    • content needs to be up-to-date/relevant
    • different skills need to work together
  • solution: entrepreneurial projects
    • E-Business and CIS classes work together
    • attempt to sell projects at end
  • can do a lot with a little on Internet
  • don't need much technical skill because a (relatively) user-friendly infrastructure already exists
  • use your imagination to figure out ways to use existing Internet capabilities for the benefit of your cause or organization
  • thrift shop in Long Beach didn't have a good eBay person to keep it going
    • Bellflower thrift shop already had a specialist
  • maintenance
    • difficult to find people to maintain web sites need after students leave
  • is there anything else?
valentine s present
Valentine's Present
  • Mrs. Westfall's web page
    • top search engine ranking in Google
  • additional advantage: can keep updating over time
    • animation added two years later
    • downside: animation requires more technical skills than traditional web site development