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Web Analytics. Unit 4-1(2005 Fall) Managing the Digital Enterprise By Professor Michael Rappa. Trail of Bits. Digital technologies open the door to new kinds of data collection for the analysis of business processes

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Web analytics

Web Analytics

Unit 4-1(2005 Fall)

Managing the Digital Enterprise

By Professor Michael Rappa

Trail of bits
Trail of Bits

  • Digital technologies open the door to new kinds of data collection for the analysis of business processes

    • As we travel the Web, everywhere we go and everything we do leaves a trail of bits -- a virtual calling card that can illuminate your online activities

    • For example, When I visit to digital enterprise Web site, some of the information about me are listed below:

      • Remote host:

      • Browser/platform: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)

      • HTTP referer: http://digitalenterprise.org/

Logs and codes
Logs and Codes

  • The remote host is the IP address or domain name that identifies the location of the computer network you are using

  • Information about your browser and operating system are also logged

  • The "referer" is the web page with the hyperlink you clicked on to arrive here

  • More information is recorded in the server logs

    • Every request to a server is recorded and assigned a status code, which describes how the server responded

Purposes of logs and codes
Purposes of Logs and Codes

  • The data logged by servers can be analyzed to help optimize network infrastructure, improve web site architecture, measure the effectiveness of site design and advertising campaigns, and much, much more

  • The analysis of log data can be rudimentary, such as simple summaries of basic activity

  • The tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated and the amount of information gathered about each individual web site visitor can be quite extensive

  • Much work is being done to develop analytics that yield meaningful statistics for decision makers

  • As impressive as these tools are, the analysis of web activity has only just begun to scratch the surface of what may be possible in the future


  • The collection of web data, and especially the use of of "cookies", raises important concerns about individual privacy, a subject we will discuss at length later in the course

Web analytical tools
Web Analytical Tools

  • Coremetrics (Coremetrics 2005)

    • Is a Web analytics platform that captures and stores all customer and visitor clickstream activity to build LIVE (Lifetime Individual Visitor Experience) Profiles that serve as the foundation for all successful e-business initiatives

  • IBM (IBM SurfAid Analytics)

    • Provides web analysis tools that track how visitors are interacting with site content as well as consulting on best practice measurement and data interpretation

  • NedStat (NedStat)

    • Is a provider of software solutions and services for monitoring websites and reporting on website-visits

Web analytical tools cont
Web Analytical Tools (Cont.)

  • NetIQ (Web Trends)

    • Offers both an On Demand service and software solutions to measure campaign performance, search engine marketing, web site conversion and customer retention

  • Omniture (Site Catalyst)

    • Is a hosted application that offers a comprehensive view of activity on a company's website that includes historical (data warehouse) and real-time analysis and reporting

  • SAS (SAS Web Analytics)

    • Applies SAS Customer Intelligence software to online channels so that every customer interaction is powered by a complete view of the customer.

Web analytical tools cont1
Web Analytical Tools (Cont.)

  • Urchin (Urchin)

    • Offers both software and On Demand web analytics

  • Visual Sciences (Real-time Analytical Platform, RTAP)

    • RTAP and suite of applications to collect, process, analyze and visualize their data for decision making, including Internet sites and services

  • WebSideStory (WebSideStory)

    • Is a provider of on-demand web analytics services

    • WebSideStory's services collect data from web browsers, process that data and deliver reports of online behavior to its customers on demand.