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Video for Social Media

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Video for Social Media - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Video for Social Media. Whitney Hahn. Pull it together, man!. Humans are visual creatures. Consumers are researching online. It’s becoming easier to integrate. Video is effective. All the cool kids are doing it!. Understanding the Key Players. Good examples at

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Presentation Transcript
video for social media

Video for Social Media

Whitney Hahn

pull it together man
Pull it together, man!

video is effective
Video is effective

understanding the key players
Understanding theKey Players

Good examples at

how they differ
How they differ

favorite new weapon
Favorite New Weapon

the sales funnel
The Sales Funnel

when to use what
When to use What

questions to help you decide
Questions to help you decide
  • Who is your audience?
  • What do they want?
  • How invested are they in getting what they want?
  • How immediate is your information?

leveraging video offline
Leveraging Video Offline


  • Transcribe for article or whitepaper
  • Add Unique URL
  • Use QR Codes

qrstuff com

leveraging video offline1
Leveraging Video Offline


  • Radio Ad
  • Podcast

leveraging video offline2
Leveraging Video Offline

Indoor and Outdoor Signs

  • Add Unique URL
  • Use LCD Screens
  • Billboards

leveraging video offline3
Leveraging Video Offline


  • Looping Videos
  • iPad Kiosks
  • Virtual Presenters

final checklist
Final Checklist
  • Know your desired outcomes
  • Know your audience’s needs
  • Find where the two intersect
  • Create your content
  • Select your platform of communication
  • Publish consistently
  • Participate in the conversation