Literacy across the curriculum
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Literacy Across the Curriculum. 10. Final Thoughts. Literacy Across the Curriculum. 1: Book in to see your Head . Hammer out the priorities for YOUR school. Start to integrate the different strategies … and come up with a half-term-by-half-term action plan.

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Literacy across the curriculum1

Literacy Across the Curriculum

1: Book in to see your Head. Hammer out the priorities for YOUR school. Start to integrate the different strategies … and come up with a half-term-by-half-term action plan

Literacy across the curriculum2

Literacy Across the Curriculum

2: Re-think your working party. Is it time to re-define or disband? Should it move into an evaluative role, monitoring progress and assessing impact?

Literacy across the curriculum4

Literacy Across the Curriculum

3: Get students involved in the evaluation. Use questionnaires / focus groups to gain their feedback on teaching styles that work, marking, groupings, spelling hints … Summarise the results to staff

Literacy across the curriculum5

Literacy Across the Curriculum

4: Bed ideas into the teaching teams. Your role is to COORDINATE, not to DO everything. Give advice, etc, but insist that curriculum teams run their own meetings on literacy issues / teaching styles, etc

Literacy across the curriculum6

Literacy Across the Curriculum

5: The basics are still important - eg literacy-friendly classrooms, using glossaries, key word lists, model answers, assessment criteria on display, etc

Literacy across the curriculum8

Literacy Across the Curriculum

6: Be prepared to adapt and simplify the materials as necessary - eg reduce the writing process to its core elements and don’t worry about technical terms. The aim is to improve student learning. Taking short-cuts is fine

Literacy across the curriculum9

Literacy Across the Curriculum

7: Yours is a key whole-school role. Done properly, you willmaketeachers’ lives easier and students’ learning more successful. But don’t kill yourself in the process. Take a rational, step-by-step approach

Literacy across the curriculum10

Literacy Across the Curriculum

8: Keep literacy issues high-profile in staff bulletins, displays, etc. Get 3 staff to say what they are doing re: questions / spelling / writing at the next staff meeting. Give them 2 minutes each. Keep it light and upbeat

Literacy across the curriculum12

Literacy Across the Curriculum

9: Meet your literacy Governor and give an update. Ask the Head to talk about literacy in the next report for Governors (these are usually termly)

Literacy across the curriculum13

Literacy Across the Curriculum

10: Keep coming back to IMPACT. Channel all efforts into improving the way we help children to learn through language. Small steps are likely to make the biggest impact … so be confident

… and good luck!

Literacy across the curriculum14

Literacy Across the Curriculum


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… and good luck!