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INTERNSHIP REPORT (6 th May to 31 st May, 2013) PowerPoint Presentation
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INTERNSHIP REPORT (6 th May to 31 st May, 2013)

INTERNSHIP REPORT (6 th May to 31 st May, 2013)

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INTERNSHIP REPORT (6 th May to 31 st May, 2013)

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  3. SAFER INDIA CASES • Made a brief summary of the cases reported and the required action to be taken for the same. • While working on the cases I observed that people generally mail their cases to Safer India thinking that KiranBedi ma’am would deal with the cases personally. • Some people only want to talk to ma’am Bedi. • Sometimes the cases are not genuine. • Sometimes it is observed that people don’t inform us in case their cases have already been solved

  4. COURT VISIT • Visiting courts was an enriching experience. • It gave me a first hand exposure of the cases. • Visited the courts dealing with domestic violence and matrimonial disputes primarily. • It was observed that the judge preferred the case being through mediation and also advised the parties to do the same.

  5. In my opinion, the lawyers in the District Court had a more logical approach towards their case. Nobody talked law. There was no quoting of sections. Their statement was based on logic and reasoning. • However, visiting the courts under the guidance of Mr. R. K. Yadav Sir was very fulfilling. • It became easy to grasp the case since an insight into the facts of the case was already made available. • Learnt the proceeding under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act. • Dealt with a case under the District Consumer Forum.

  6. Also dealt with cases under the Domestic Violence Act and the Hindu Marriage Act. • Learnt about the general working of the Court. • It was observed that the Judges also had a more lenient approach. Where any party or lawyer was not present at the time being for the hearing, they postponed the hearing for a little while and started with the next case.

  7. INFORMATION BROCHURE On Sexual harassment Dowry Domestic violence

  8. VISIT TO THE FAMILY COUNSELLING CENTRE • Learnt about the working of FCC. • Gained access to the files and cases of FCC. • Every thing was undertaken in writing by the parties. • Learnt about counselling under Section 363 of IPC read with section 164 under CR.P.C. • Also participated in client counselling sessions done by Mrs. PremSoni ma’am.

  9. Lawyer sir gave us the overview of why this counselling is important. • Also participated in the settlement of cases. • Helped in creating awraeness about NCC and FCC. • It was observed during the counselling sessions that the first party is not always right, there are chances of fabrication of cases, hence, it is required to hear both the sides woithout any pre conceived notions and judgements.

  10. CONCLUSION • It was an experience of a life time to work under the guidance of KiranBedi ma’am. • The experience was very enriching and insightful. • It was observed that most of the cases reported to IVF was against domestic violence and dowry demand.

  11. Considerable number of cases were also against the inaction of the police officials. • Learnt about the problems at the grass root level through the cases reported to IVF and also through the visit at Navjyoti Community Centre. • The exposure through the court visits was very much relevant • It gave a first hand view of the practicalities of the Court proceedings.

  12. Family Counselling Centre was a practical experience of the cases reported to IVF. • It was observed that people want to settle their disputes through family counselling instead of getting into the hassle of the court system. • It was a sort of mediation that happens in the Court. • Interning at IVF is a decision I will be proud of in the future. Four weeks internship was a blend of theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Looking forward to contributing to IVF by volunteering in its endeavours.