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Acts 16-18

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Acts 16-18. Paul’s2nd Missionary Journey. Paul’s Second Journey. Paul’s Second Journey. Acts Chapter 16 begins with Paul deciding to visit the churches from his first journey. It is possible that he and Barnabas may have encountered each other.

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acts 16 18

Acts 16-18

Paul’s2nd Missionary Journey

paul s second journey1
Paul’s Second Journey
  • Acts Chapter 16 begins with Paul deciding to visit the churches from his first journey.
  • It is possible that he and Barnabas may have encountered each other.
  • At this point, Paul has written the book of Galatians.
  • The tone of Galatians is a little harsh. Galatians Chapter 3.
paul s second journey2
Paul’s Second Journey
  • Once Paul had revisited these churches, he wants to go to Asia.
  • Essentially, he wants to take the gospel to Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and that region.
  • You will notice in Acts 16 that Paul tries a number of different avenues.
  • Finally, he sets out to the West. This decision fundamentally alters Western civilization.
paul s second journey3
Paul’s Second Journey
  • Europe, at this time, is dominated by tribesmen and various groups following an animistic type of religion.
  • Rome has been expanding through Europe, even as far as England, but its influence is waning.
  • In England, we have yet to have the rise of the Anglos or the Saxons.
paul s second journey4
Paul’s Second Journey
  • Aside from Roman influence, religion in Europe is very primitive. Culturally, Europe is dominated by various tribal affiliations, including the Franks, what will become the Hessians, and other affiliations.
  • Paul’s journey West will alter Roman history and from there all of Western culture.
paul s second journey5
Paul’s Second Journey
  • Paul visits a number of very famous churches during this visit.
  • By some accounts, he visited as many as 28 separate cities.
  • This journey will take him to Ephesus, Philippi, Rhodes (where the Colossus of Rhodes stood), and Thessalonica.
  • Obviously, these are churches to knew Paul will write many of his greatest letters.
paul s second journey6
Paul’s Second Journey
  • During this journey, Paul will write several of his letters.
  • In A.D. 52, while on his second journey and staying at Corinth, Paul will write both letters to the Thessalonians.
  • There is some debate as to whether he wrote the book of Ephesians during this journey or during the third journey.
paul s second journey7
Paul’s Second Journey
  • Key events during this trip include:
    • Meeting Lydia, the seller of purple.
    • The Philippian jailer is converted: Paul and Silas take a beating.
    • Paul goes to Berea, but not Berea Kentucky, and finds faithful men.
    • Silas and Timothy stay behind as Paul and Luke travel on.
    • Paul preaches about the Unknown God
paul s second journey8
Paul’s Second Journey
  • Key events during this journey include:
    • Acts 18:2-Claudius throws the Jews out of Rome. This is a hard date, and so we know these events are between A.D 51 and A.D. 54.
    • Paul stays in Corinth, and meets Aquila and Priscilla. He will stay here for three or four years.
    • Acts 18:9, one of my favorite verses. Note that the chief ruler of the synagogue converted.
    • Paul gets beaten again. We are up to four.
paul s second journey9
Paul’s Second Journey
  • Key events in this journey include:
    • The conversion of Apollos.
    • Notice that the conversion of Apollos was part of Aquila and Priscilla’s work, not Paul.
    • This is why Paul addresses the issue so directly in his letters.
    • Apollos becomes quite the disciple, and some people believe he wrote the book of Hebrews.
paul s second journey10
Paul’s Second Journey
  • Key events in this journey include:
    • Paul brings the baptism of the Holy Spirit to the followers of Apollos.
    • Paul spends two years at the school of Tyrannus
    • Acts 19:19 is of particular significance– the burning of the books of Magic arts.
    • Notice that Paul finally gets to minister in Asia. Causes the stirrer about the goddess Diana.
    • We are paving the way for his third journey, his arrest, and the trial in Rome.
paul s second journey11
Paul’s Second Journey
  • Memory Verse:
  • First Corinthians 9:22
  • To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all [men], that I might by all means save some