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Media scene. 2014. Presentation Agenda. Target: Total population . Data Source : PARC’s Target Group Index (TGI) Introduction Target Group Index (TGI).

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Presentation Transcript
presentation agenda
Presentation Agenda
  • Target:
  • Total population

Data Source: PARC’s Target Group Index (TGI)

introduction target group index tgi
Introduction Target Group Index (TGI)
  • Global Target Group Index – TGI is being managed by Kantar Media in over 60 countries worldwide with 700,000 interviews a year representing the behavior, motivation, and attitudes of over a billion consumers across the globe.
  • PARC handles this syndicated annual study in the Arab Region which covers over 400 productcategories & more than 5000 brands.
  • TGI enables its user to know all about the consumption behavior in terms of;
    • The market size of different product category
    • The market share of each brand and its ranking
    • The frequency of usage for each category/brand (heavy, light, medium)
    • Consumption of related products (complements & substitutes)
    • The demographics (gender, age, monthly income,…etc)
    • Lifestyles & attitudes of the consumers
    • The media consumption habits of different users (TV, Radio, Print Media, Outdoors, Internet)
    • The main factors that direct their purchasing behavior (special offers, advertisements…etc)
  • Research Sample Size & Methodology;
    • Covers the Urban,Semi-urban & Rural areas
    • Only one adult respondent (15 yrs+) per household
    • Recruitment: Face-to-Face, at home interviews
    • Multi-stage random probability sampling
overall media consumption
Overall media consumption

Base: Total population .

media habits
Media habits

Base: Total population .

printed media
Printed media

Base: Total population .


Base: Total population .


Base: Total population .

mobile phones
Mobile phones

Base: Total population .


Base: Total population .

outdoors seen in the past week
Outdoors seen in the past week

Base: Total population .

visited cinema in the past 12 months
Visited cinema in the past 12 months

Freq. of visiting cinema

Base: Total population.

internet consumption
Internet consumption

Freq. of using internet

Base: Total population.

internet consumption1
Internet consumption…

Kind of connection

Base: Total population.

websites visited devoted to
Websites visited devoted to

Else where

Base: Total population .

printed media1
Printed media

Reading daily newspapers – online

Base: Total population.

printed media2
Printed media….

Reading weekly publication – online

Base: Total population.

printed media3
Printed media….

Reading monthly publication – online

Base: Total population.

printed media4
Printed media…

Base: Total population .

printed media5
Printed media…

Base: Total population .

radio stations
Radio stations

Freq. of listening to radio

Base: Total population.

radio stations1
Radio stations

Duration of listening to radio - weekdays

Duration of listen to the radio – weekends

Base: Total population.

radio stations2
Radio stations

Base: Total population .


Freq. of watching TV

Base: Total population.


No. of hours of watching TV (Fri)

No. of hours of watching TV (Sat.)

Base: Total population.


Freq. timings of watching TV- (5-6 days )

Freq. timings of watching TV (3-4 days)

Freq. timings of watching TV (1-2 days )


Base: Total population .

Findings from

Monthly TV/ Radio tracking