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1.¿A qué hora abren las tiendas? 2. Voy a estudiar el sábado tengo examen el lunes

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1.¿A qué hora abren las tiendas? 2. Voy a estudiar el sábado tengo examen el lunes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1.¿A qué hora abren las tiendas? 2. Voy a estudiar el sábado tengo examen el lunes 3.¿Y tú que vas a hacer? 4. Mira la hora. Voy a perder el autobús 5. Esto pesa mucho. Te ayudo/¿Te ayudo? 6. No creo que el Mirandés pase a la final 7. Bueno, puede que llegue a la final

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Presentation Transcript

1.¿A qué hora abren las tiendas?

2. Voy a estudiar el sábado tengo examen el lunes

3.¿Y tú que vas a hacer?

4. Mira la hora. Voy a perder el autobús

5. Esto pesa mucho. Te ayudo/¿Te ayudo?

6. No creo que el Mirandés pase a la final

7. Bueno, puede que llegue a la final

8. llegará/estará llegando ahora/ habrá llegado / habrá estado haciendo los deberes

1.What time do the shops open?

2. I´m studying on Saturday, I´ve got …

3. What are you going to do?

4. Look at the time. I´m going to miss .

5. It´s too heavy. I´ll help you/Shall I help you?

6.I don ´t think they will get to the fin

7. Well, they might get to the final

8. He´ll arrive/He´ll be arriving now/He´ll have arrived/ He´ll have been doing the homework


Present Simple

Pr. Continuous

Be going to

Will / shall

May / might


What time do the shops open?

1.For futurearrangements:

(personal plansforthefuture)

I´mstduyingonSaturday. I´vegot a examonMonday


Theymightget to the final

1. Forintentions:

What are yougoing to do?

2.For predictionbasedonwhatyouknoworsee

Ex. Luis isspeaking in class. Theteacherisgoing to puthimondetention

  • Forinstantdecisions:
  • Those bags look heavy. I´llhelpyouwiththem
  • 2.For predictionsbasedonwhatyouthink
  • I don ´t think Mirandés willget to the final
  • 3. Foroffers and promises.
  • Shall I helpyouwiththose heavy bags

1.Future Simple

Ex. I willgo

2. FutureContinuous

Ex. I´ll be going

3. FuturePerfect

Ex. I´llhavegone

4. FuturePerfectContinuous

Ex. I´llhavebeengoing

the future
The future

Am notworking

  • 1.Present simple or Present continuous for the future
  • 1.I_____________(not/work)tomorrow, so we can go somewhere.
  • 2.________________(the film/begin) at 3.30 or 4.30?
  • 3.We_________________ (have) a party next Saturday. Would you like to come?
  • 4.The art exhibition ________________(not/open) on 3 May but _______________(finish) on 15 July.
  • 5.I_______________(go) to a concert tonight. It _______________(begin) at 7.30.
  • 6.I´m bored with this programme. When _____________________(it/finish)?
  • 7.Sue __________________(come) to see us tomorrow. She_________________ (travel) by train and her train
  • _______________ (arrive) at 10.15.I________________ (meet) her at the station.

Doesthe film begin

Are having

Doesn ´t open


Am going




Is travelling


Am meeting

will or going to
Will or Going to
  • 1.Oh no! look at the time!. I ___________(be) terribly late.
  • 2.If you want to go the shop you can borrow my brother´s bike I´m sure he _________ (not/mind)
  • 3.Why are you turning on the TV?. Because I ________________ (watch) the news.
  • 4.Oh, I´ve just realised. I haven ´t got any money. Don´t worry I _____________ (lend) you 10$
  • 5.I´ve got a splitting headache. Wait here, I ________________ (get) an aspirin for you.
  • 6.I´ve decided to repaint this room. Really. What colour ______________(you/paint) it?.
  • 7.Did you post that letter for me?. Oh!, I completely forgot. I _____________ (do) it now.
  • 8.Have you decided what to do about that job?. Yes I ____________ (not/apply) for it. It´s rubbish!
  • 9.Ann, I need someone to take me to the airport. That´s no problem. I ___________ (take) you
  • 10.John, do you want me to take you to the airport?. No, Ann __________ (take) me.
  • Am going to be
  • Won ´t mind
  • Am going to watch
  • Will lend
  • Will get
  • Are you going to paint it
  • Will do
  • Am not going to apply
  • Will take
  • Is going to take
present simple present continuous be going to or will for the future
Present simple, present continuous, be going to or will for the future
  • 1.Do you have any plans for the summer?. Yes, I____________ (go) to the beach.
  • 2.When __________ (the next train/leave)?. It ______________ (leave) at 7.
  • 3.Is it really her birthday?. Then, I ____________ (buy) some flowers.
  • 4.What ___________ (you/do) this weekend?. Do you want to come to the match?. OK, Which teams ______(play)?
  • 5.Don´t carry all those heavy bags. Some of us ______________ (help) you.
  • 6.I´m sorry I can´t see you tomorrow. I _________________ (visit) some relatives.
  • 7.In the year 2300 everybody ___________________ (live) in other galaxies.
  • 8.I need you to take me to the train station. Ok, I ___________ (take) you in a minute. What time ______________ (leave) the train?. At 7. So we ______________ (leave) at about 5 o´clock
  • Am going
  • Does it leave
  • Leaves
  • Will buy
  • Are you doing / are you going to do
  • Are playing
  • Will help
  • Am visiting
  • Will live
  • Will take
  • Does it leave
  • Are leaving

They are :

  • Reliable
  • Clever
  • Punctual
  • Ambitious
  • Mature
  • Unexperienced
  • Fit
  • Team-player
  • Outgoing
  • Funny/ good sense of humour

N= tacaña

  • P= sincera
  • P= abierta
  • N= agresivo
  • N= mandón
  • N= engreído
  • N=entrometido/
  • Preguntón
  • 8. P= original
  • Envious
  • Gifted
  • Easy-going
  • Cruel
  • relaxed
  • Sincere
  • jealous
  • Eccentric
  • Nosy
  • Sensitive

They do work


A team

I´drather be

Be good


Be pretty




I´mnot a risk






A commuter



Good at something

At Maths





Es un sensible

Es un tacaño

Es responsable

Es un engreído

Es sincero

Es envidioso

Es un mandón

Es un irascible

Es un cotilla

Es muy habilidoso con

Es un trabajador en equipo

Es muy sociable

Es un pasota

Es celoso

Es abierto

Está en forma/cachas

Es gracioso

Es maduro

No tiene experiencia



Responsible/ reliable








A team-player









translate into english
Translate into English
  • 1.En Inglaterra y Gales los estudiantes tienen que hacer dos semanas de trabajo
  • No ganan dinero pero ganan experiencia y aprenden nuevas técnicas
  • ¿Qué camino coger?. Estudia informática, pero educación física no es importante
  • ¿Qué te gusta hacer en tu tiempo libre?. Socializar y mantenerme en forma
  • ¿Trabajas bien en equipo?. No me importa hacerlo pero prefiero ser jefe.
  • No soy bueno en música pero soy bastante bueno resolviendo problemas
  • ¿Te planteas trabajar en una oficina?. Definitivamente no. No quiero llevar traje a trabajar, viajar al trabajo todos los días. Prefiero trabajar desde casa
  • ¿Quieres ser rico?. Soy ambiciosos pero no estoy loco. Prefiero estar contento en mi trabajo.

1.In England and Wales students have to do at least 2 weeks of Work Experience

2. They don ´t earn any money but they get experience and learn new skills

3. What way to go next?. Study IT but studying PE is not important.

4. What do you like doing in your free time?. Socializing and keeping fit

5. Are a team player?. I don ´t mind doing it but I´d rather be the boss

6. I´m not good at music but I´m pretty good at solving problems

7. Do you want to join the rat race?. Definitely not. I don ´t want to wear a suit, be a commuter . I´d rather work from home.

8. Do you want to be rich?. I´m quite ambitious but I´m not a risk-taker. I prefer job satisfaction.


(disfruto leyendo en mi tiempo libre)

(Me encanta viajar)

(Me gusta jugar al ajedrez y estar con la gente)

(No me importa trabajar)

(Soy bueno en dibujo)

(evito hacerlo a toda costa)

(Prefiero ser el centro de atención)

(prefiero ser el jefe)

(prefiero hacerlo yo)

(pretendo trabajar en una oficina)

(quiero trabajar en una oficina)

(Quiero que trabajes en una oficina)

(necesito ganar dinero)

(Es fácil hacerse rico)

  • I enjoyreading in my free time
  • I love travelling
  • I likeplayingchess and beingwithpeople
  • I don´tmindworking
  • I´mgood at drawing
  • I avoiddoingit at allcosts
  • I´drather be the centre of attention
  • I preferto be theboss
  • I´dbetter do it
  • I pretendtojointheratrace
  • I wanttowork in an office
  • I wantyoutowork in an office
  • I needtoearnmoney
  • It´seasyto be rich

4. Every breath you take

every breath you take

every _______ you ______

every _______ you _______

every ________ you _____


every __________ _______

every ________ you ______

every _________ you _____

every ________ you ______


O can ´t you _______

You _________ to _____

How my poor ________ aches

with every _____________

every _______ you _______

every _______ you _______

every _______ you _______

every _______ you _______


since you´ve gone I ´ve been lost

without a trace

I _______ at ______ I can only

see ______ ______

I _______ _______ but it ´s you

I can ´t replace

I feel so cold and I long for

your embrace

I keep _______ baby _______