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Ethics of Marketing

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Ethics of Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ethics of Marketing . Learning Objectives. Understand what ethical marketing is Apply ethical marketing to business contexts Evaluate ethical marketing as a marketing strategy. Introduction. What is Business Ethics?. Bait and Switch. This marketing technique is considered unethical

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learning objectives
Learning Objectives
  • Understand what ethical marketing is
  • Apply ethical marketing to business contexts
  • Evaluate ethical marketing as a marketing strategy
  • What is Business Ethics?
bait and switch
Bait and Switch
  • This marketing technique is considered unethical
  • Enticing customers with deals that are simply too good to be true
  • Original deal unavailable and they switch to a more pricey alternative
bait and switch1
Bait and Switch
  • High pressure tactics are used to ensure that the captured audience makes the switch
  • Examples include airlines advertising flights for £10 when in fact only a select number of seats are available at that price
  • Consumers switch to a more expensive seat
other examples
Other examples
  • Mobile phone retailers
  • Real Estate companies
the times newspaper
The Times Newspaper
  • It was reported in the times newspaper that the people of Britain pay up to £1 billion every year because of dubious marketing tactics
other examples of unethical marketing
Other examples of unethical marketing
  • Health fraud
  • Get rich quick schemes using promotional activities that promote getting rich in a very short amount of time
  • Travel fraud involving misleading information
  • Product misrepresentation using brand names similar to well known trademarks
group task
Group Task
  • Can you think of any other examples of unethical marketing?
  • What do we think of adopting unethical marketing as a marketing strategy?
ethical code of practice
Ethical code of Practice
  • Identify acceptable business practices
  • Foster internal management and control
  • Avoid confusion regarding what is and what is not acceptable