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The smart card slot!

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The smart card slot!. Sara Eyre Head of IT Customer Services Or how to produce an attendance monitoring system using the access control system. Why do you need attendance monitoring. Need to monitor physical presence of undergraduates at lectures for borders agency

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The smart card slot!

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the smart card slot
The smart card slot!

Sara Eyre

Head of IT Customer Services

Or how to produce an attendance monitoring system using the access control system

why do you need attendance monitoring
Why do you need attendance monitoring
  • Need to monitor physical presence of undergraduates at lectures for borders agency
  • Academic engagement –identify students with potential to drop out
  • Ensure attendance and engagement before bursaries paid
  • For professionalbody approval –Health, Social Work, Life Sciences courses
    • Lots of paper based manual systems in operation at present
history of smart cards at bradford
History of smart cards at Bradford
  • Smart cards with MiFare 1K chip for photocopying and Library access introduced for students in Summer 2002
    • Bar code for Library management system
  • Also introduced cards for staff for Library access
    • Amazing how few had them when we upgraded!
access control system at bradford
Access control system at Bradford
  • Progeny (MiFare based) and Integra (mag stripe based) systems in use on separate cards
    • Both highly labour intensive to support as each lock has to be visited and updated
  • Salto project started summer 2005
    • originally to protect new AV equipment in teaching rooms–so staff only
salto proved popular
Salto proved popular
  • Soon students needed access to major buildings
  • Salto database updated daily from student record and HR systems using Calopus
  • All student cards programmed with Salto capability from Summer 2007 as part of enrolment process
salto in april 2009
Salto in April2009
  • On line locks – 113
    • Now on entrance to most buildings
    • Many corridors
    • Car park barriers linked to Salto system summer 2008
  • Off line locks – 361
    • On centrally timetabled teaching rooms
    • On equipment cupboards in teaching rooms
    • Staff only areas
  • Card plus PIN locks installed for secure areas
  • 100+ awaiting installation
key advantages of salto
Key advantages of Salto
  • Online locks interrogate central database in real time for appropriate access rights
  • Online locks transfer audit trail to central database
  • Black list of users transferred from online lock to every card
key advantages off line locks
Key advantages - off line locks
  • Receive updated black list from users’ cards
  • Store audit trail of cards used and write it back to each card
    • transferred to central database via next use of an on line lock
  • An off line lock can be portable so can be passed round classroom

Choose the SVN Virtual network option from Salto web site for a better explanation!

so how does this help attendance monitoring
So how does this help attendance monitoring?
  • Salto database contains user id, date,time and lock id
  • Plan to extract data into the attendance field of the student record system, SITS
  • SITS will trigger text message and emails for non-attendanceto student and, later, course administrators and UKBA administrator
  • Attendance data can be extracted by anyone with SITS access
assumptions made at bradford
Assumptions made at Bradford
  • That we can match a portable card reader to a particular lecture or lab session
  • We do not want to issue new cards to all students
  • If one student asks another one to ‘swipe them in’ they are still engaged with the University
  • Accessing the Library or other building entry point does not satisfy the UKBA
  • Departments will extract their own class attendance data
    • if any professional body requires this information
the issues
The issues!
  • Do you want to use bio-metrics to ensure Person and not Card is being monitored?
    • Has anyone done this yet in HE? Costs?
  • How to stop one person swiping lots of cards?
    • Who verifies the person and card match?
  • How do you prevent queues down corridors at the start of lectures if you use door readers?
    • How do you know student has then attended the lecture?
    • Bradford aim to use portable readers in large classes
  • What constitutes a ‘Contact point’?
smart card futures at bradford
Smart card futures at Bradford
  • Mifare 4Kplus JCOP for use with Sun Rays
    • 22,000 just ordered as part of JISC project ITS 4 SEA
    • Still mag stripe for access control in old halls
    • Still bar code for Library self- issue and self-return
  • Printing and copying using Pharos –purse NOT on card
  • Sport Centre control –purse NOT on card
  • Possible cashless vending - ?????
  • Legacy access control systems (100+) nearly redundant
    • but it has taken over 4 years and over £20,000
the end
The end
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  • Join the Higher Education Smart Card Association
  • ITS 4 SEA – Integrating Thin client and Smart cards For Secure E-Assessment

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